Thursday, April 27, 2006

Road Trip Notes...

Got a late start (there's a shock) but finally got on the road after a trip to walmart and gary packing. Decided to take Nala-those eyes were just begging us to take her.

here she is in the back seat. We got into houston around 2:30 and hit Auntie Chang's. THE place that got me to eat chinese (if you want to call what i eat chinese!) then on to Texas Art. Picked up a few things and headed south. We took Nala to a park so she could walk alot. I dropped them off at Clear Lake park. I went to check into the hotel. They supposedly took pets-but found out it was 10# and under in a carrier. (that's not a pet, it's a rat) so we had to sneak her in later when we went in for the night. We went to have dinner at Tookies (burgers-somewhere we go everytime we're in houston-gary used to eat there alot when he lived in the area) I had a brush w/infamy while there.

The tables have benches-the benches butt up against each other-i was facing the door when a man, woman and child came in-i immediately realised who he was-Rusty Yates (as in Andrea Yates) They sat right behind us-his back brushed mine. (twice) i told gary someone "famous" was behind me-wrote down who. I couldn't see them but he could observe-and i could hear some conversation. Anyway, we looked up the recent wedding picture of him online and gary said he had the same sunglasses sitting on the table as he had in the picture.

On to the hotel after dinner~had to sneak nala in the window-3 times since she decided to go to the bathroom several times-i got a bit stressed over that-just knew they would throw us out~but all was well-she finally did her business and slept. (as did we)

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