Saturday, June 30, 2007

Road Trip to Missouri

Sunday i toyed w/the idea of going to missouri to see grandparents. My aunt and parents were there, and gramp was turning 90! mon, last minute threw some stuff together and off i went. Ran into rain in OK and by the time i got to the mountain road in Arkansas, it was just cloudy.

Here is one of the winding curves...but i had the windows down and the music cranked and it was wonderful-a mere 78 degrees.

Tues morning it was nice enough to sit out on the deck-gram enjoyed the fresh air too. Here is the view they have seen every day for 24 yrs now. What a retirement~ Mon and i went into town (branson) and went to the antique mall. I managed to find a few things while there. We had BBQ for grandpa's bday dinner-got him a sugar free pie and we

had mini-cupcakes. We heard some interesting stories about his growing up-his fave bday being his 16th when he could drive legally.

I got a call from gary that evening-remember he is in vegas-turns out he had a bad feeling and decided to come home for now-only he made a detour to grams-he was a mile away-so he got to come visit too and be there for the bday. He and i went to town on wed and went through the Titanic exhibit-it was really interesting and they have actual artifacts from the ship.He headed home tonight, but i stayed until thurs morn as did my parents. Here is a photo of grandpa, dad, gary and my gram. You would never think he is 90! I'm not posting the picture w/me in it because a)not photogenic and b)it's my blog and i can do that!

Here is the bridge out of town... and me driving through the mountains. Hard to photograph yourself while driving...:) and finally i'll post my goodies-found a few things in berryville arkansas and eureka springs...

Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Birds

I never did finish the story of the baby birds. We had a storm on a thurs after i posted-the winds blew the nest away. I did see one "baby" near the crape myrtle trees-it flew and hid when nala and i got near-so i guess they had both learned to fly and were off into the world.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


It's official, Gary and I are now groupies. Tues night we went to see "Gentleman Auction House" playing at The Cavern. I introduced myself to Eric (founder, writer, singer, musician) since he knows my family in st louis. He thanked us for coming out to see them. (stupid me forgot my camera) They were GREAT! loved the music. Wed, we got up to go to Austin as we had discussed last week-just so happened that they were playing again in Austin wed night. We went to "Mohawk" downtown (i think we were the oldest ones there) and saw them again. They were sitting at the bar and saw us walk in (surprise!) really enjoyed them the 2nd time around-and promised them we were NOT stalking and really, we won't be in Tucson Az to see them thurs :)
Hope they come out with another CD cause i'm hooked. Can't get their songs out of my mind.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Life the past Week

Got word from the vet that Nala is fine-no cancer! yea. I knew she was fine. (now it's just confirmed) Another birthday came and went. 44. only a number to me. It was probably my least favorite birthday in my entire life. My depression was really bad-starting fri morning. I know when a few things change here, i'll get better. A few wks ago when i thought things were looking up-and the dr said..."keep taking the meds" i thought he was being silly-instead, he must have, i keep popping my 'happy pills' and go on. My goal this past week was to get the house cleaned since it's well past time to do so-i'm getting there, then i tackle the art room. THEN maybe i can make art.
My cousin's boyfriends' band Gentleman Auction House is playing in dallas this week! at the Cavern on lower Greenville. will either see them there or in Austin the following night since we may be out of town. how cool is that? i know a band member-sorta. more later~off to clean (i know, how exciting) :)