Monday, April 20, 2009

So Many Pictures Not Enough Time

Went to see Jimmie Vaughan at the Art Festival sat night. Not a great picture-but it's him. have others but this is the closest one. Gary couldn't believe i didn't take a picture of the girl that danced the whole time-all over the place-flinging the long blond pony tail. (and no, she was not cute) she thought she was the show. We just attract that when we are around. All the weird ones gravitate to our space:)
Fri i made this banana french toast at work-gary was bummed that i wasn't making it at home so i said i would show him a picture-thoughtful person that I am!
I also took my sister her traditional gooey butter cake for her birthday fri night. Of course, i asked for a piece for my efforts. Again, thoughful. Sun finally made it to one of my art meetings! We had a great time discussing topics from Oprah, eating and making these fun earrings. These are not all mine-just a sampling of what was made~

Friday, April 17, 2009

Main St Art Festival (Ft Worth)

This is my favorite art festival in the area. Gary and i headed out to see what was new this year. This guy had some cool paintings. Look at Chaos-the colors are sumptious- love the look in the eyes of his subjects-each painting has a story AND he donates a % to Good Dog Mountain for the rescue of death row shelter dogs!
John Petrey does a great job of recyling-to make the coolest dresses. (non-wearable)
Katherine Allen Coleman-these are sooo much more impressive in person-they're dimentions don't show up on the photo's-nor can you see they are in deep frames and the dresses are real-painted over and embroidered/embellished. wonderful stuff~this guy was new this yr-Kevin Eslinger had some unusual paintings-i bought a print from him. Originally from st louis-my 2nd home (i like to think)
This next artist does things in "series" and his new works are postcards. they cover the substrate then art on top of it-very neat to see in person. Darron Chadwick is his name.
I plan to go back sat night to hear Jimmie Vaughan play-he was there about 10 yrs ago and we only got to see some of it-this time i'll be there for it all! There was a group there today-Wild Okra-they were pretty good.
As for the little cake-tradition. Gary & I stop at Corner Bakery every year for dessert~banana bundt cake is my usual choice!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Spring is here-although there is a freeze warning for tomorrow morning-very rare this time of yr.
started some major cleaning on sat-started in the garage. Still more to do, but have moved into the house for now. (no, those aren't my flowers-they were at an office complex near work)
Also have to re-do my "deconstruction" packet. the hail/wind last week sent it around the yard.
Didn't find it all, but enough.
Here is a piece of art i did recently.
Lastly, good ol' Riley finds a roll of toilet paper to "play" with.