Wednesday, December 26, 2012

 I recently took an online class "Clutch Play"  by Robin Marie Smith. (class is on her site)  These are the results of round one as I like to call it-because I have more in the works. Four of these sets were sent to Missouri for Christmas-
free-hand painting

This was more of a free-hand painting process.  I really liked just adding more and more color  
back of the free hand painting
 This was the first one I painted after watching the class videos.  I love the process-with this one I followed her method.

This was the second attempt-when I didn't like the way it was looking I just painted over what I didn't like and just covered the cloth.  
front of "silly girl" bag/notebook

This was the last of the 5.  I had seen a blog post online where the artist had done a series of hearts and I decided to cover the fabric with colorful hearts on this one. 
This was a bit different than the others-it had "panels" that I painted-with the "trees" and "flower"

Thursday, December 20, 2012

No words for what happened last week-at least none that take away the sadness and hurt.  I can only hope the family and friends of those who lost their lives can one day find peace~and take some comfort knowing how many pray for them.  My heart still hurts. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fabric Art Going up for Sale- (for a good cause)

Puppy Love
 These four fabric pieces will be listed on my Etsy site later today.  The money from these pieces will be donated to A Place To Bark~so Bernie can continue to rescue dogs in need. (you can also find her on facebook)   Makes a great gift for a dog lover and money goes to a good cause!

Monday, December 03, 2012

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Went to the flea market at the Cattle Barn last sat and came home with some new inspiration-good timing since I told myself the night before that I "needed" some new fabrics to work with.   This is what I came home with...

more rusty goodness  

And here are some snippets of what it is all turning into...

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Like everyone else I know that is into art, I love a new art related book.  Jenny Doh has a new book out called  "Journal It"
Suzy LaFond is giving away a copy on her blog this week.

 Jenny gathered together a group of amazing artists; each with their own distinct style of visual journaling. The reader not only gets peeks into each of these artist's journals, but also are given a mini lesson in a technique these artist's generously share.     

 Go HERE for the link and you can read her description of the book as she was one chosen to review it.  Looks good to me!   

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Playing with Fabric

"Puppy Love"

I've been working on several fabric pieces this week.  Some are totally new, some i've decided to rework.
 Several of them will be going on sale to benefit "A Place to Bark"  (will post when they are up) but here are some sneak peaks. 





Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mary Beth Shaw and Stencil Girl Products

I am a big fan of Mary Beth Shaw's work.  If you aren't familiar with her work you can check out her blog by clicking on her name for the link.  She also resides in St Louis area which adds bonus points since I consider it to be my second home.  She has a line of products you might like too-Stencil Girl Products
  "Having hand-cut her own stencils for years, Mary Beth dipped her toe into the stencil design business in 2010. Expanding StencilGirl to team up with other artists is the fulfillment of her dream to provide the highest quality artist designed stencils for the mixed media world." (taken from her site)
She also has clear stamps and wood icing which i hear is a must-you can see it used in her book "The Flavor of Mixed Media"-which i do own :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween Burn project

At least that is what I'm calling it. I saw this technique done on craft wars some months ago and decided to give it a try in my own way.  It just screamed "halloween" to me so i cut my wood in a rough tombstone
shape with a hole in the middle and taped away.  Next came the burning. 
Once I was happy with the look i painted them white (spray paint) and added a black wash.
The tape melts and creates drippy, raised and textured areas.  In person, it looks like bones almost.
The hole was cut out with the intention of adding a mirror with an image in it. Pretty cool effect 
Disclaimer: If you are in my art group and swapping on sunday-look no farther or you'll spoil the surprise :)

after burn

white paint before the black wash


more detail

Friday, October 12, 2012


It's no secret I like playing with flames. In the past I have burned paper and wood-probably plastic. I've now added something new to the mix~
here is the result.  I actually have two projects done with this technique but want to wait until after my art meeting to show the other-since some of them will receive those pieces.

Here is the former "birdcage" turned haunted hot air balloon.  at least it will be once it is painted and tweeked.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Pulse-Playing Favorites

My response to the question “share a picture of a favorite piece of art that you have created and explain its meaning to you” will be highlighted in Seth's blog post tomorrow, Sunday September 30th as part of the series Playing Favorites.
Be sure to check it out-this time I even remember what it is :) 
Click on the picture on my sidebar for the link

Book Progress

My book project is coming along-it has been a rainy day here in Texas so i've spent most of it indoors
working on my book.  I was going to call it "secrets" but I think I am going to change it to "Murder."
I have a story concocted in my head about 3 women who are each found murdered on different days
but it turns out the murders are related.  It revolves around a nightclub (fictional) where gangsters of the 30's are known to hang out.  The book will contain mostly notes from the detective involved in the investigation and evidence collected. 
OK-so that is what it is like in my head-whether or not it turns out on paper is another story.
Here are some more peaks...
one of the first pages

edges of a few pages

Here are the pages laying out-the picture below is of the other side of the paper-fronts and backs were each painted differently