Sunday, September 27, 2009

Greetings from St Louis

No pictures yet-i'm in St Louis for my cousin's wedding and can't upload. The weather up is is wonderful-cool temps. rained a bit on wedding day, but not during wedding time. Reception was at the Planetarium-the place i saw my first star show as a child~very cool. Wanted to update, pictures when i return-we'll be stopping in the Branson area on way home to see my grandfather-so stay tuned~

Friday, September 11, 2009

Poison Ivy

Just when you think the yard is devoid of all poison ivy, it comes back-and you don't realize it UNTIL you start to itch. And i do mean itch. It is on my arms, legs, feet, stomach and i believe my face-unless that is just sympathy itch...
Gary of course, got none. never does. ever. We worked in the yard sun-cut down overgrown grapevine that appeared again this yr. I thought we had everything-but after the itch started, then the red lines and bumps-i knew. I went back out and sure enough-there was poison ivy. I donned the rubber gloves, got the scissors and plastic bag to shove it all in-and hacked away. I think some of it might have come from the dogs-they were facinated with that area of the yard until we cut everything down. Time for some cold compresses-they say not to scratch-obviously the brain that came up with that one never had poison ivy...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

KC Willis and Sarah Fishburn

Sarah Fishburn is teaching a workshop in December at KC Willis Studio Retreats
Those that read my blog know i took 2 online classes from KC the past few months-which i loved~although i haven't been too creative this summer-the idea's are there-just need a better frame of mind.
Sarah has been around "forever" and you are probably familiar with her work-if not, check it out!
Check out KC's new studio retreat info too-she's hosting several workshops there!