Monday, October 22, 2007


Fall is HERE!

It's been a bit cooler this month-just a tiny hint of fall-except maybe that 90 degree day, but today it hit full force! Yea. It's rainy, but i don't care, it's also cool-high of 59 today. I love it~can you tell i hate the heat?...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Shower

Saturday was the baby shower for Suzanne & "the niece." Gary came up with a gift for her also which i had her open first. "a Black light?" you say.
One day she said "what am i going to do with a girl?" I told gary this and he said, teach her to be an elvis back-up singer. So the idea was sparked.
When we were in elementary school, my dad took me to the mall to buy her a birthday gift. I picked out a black light and an Elvis Presley album. Well, come sat night, she and i would put on funky pj's that would look cool in the black light, put on that album (or another of his) and sing-we were the "back-up singers" (she was usually Candy Cook) and when the concert was over, we took turns being the "girlfriend" of Elvis when we went to dinner after the show. (pretend of course) (we had great imaginations!) So here she is opening the light-and knew there was a cd of elvis music too~too bad i didn't address it to "candy." This was the first time my mom had ever heard the story~

Friday, October 12, 2007

Baby Shower

Tomorrow is my sister's shower for the "surprize" baby. Gary made something for her-but i can't say what until tomorrow. I really doubt she reads my blog, but just in case :) Tomorrow i will post a picture as she opens it-and tell the story behind it all...
just been dealing w/puppies this week between work, naps and all else. Did go over to
suzanne's today to start moving Pat's stuff out of his room so i can paint it pink for the baby..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And yet another Guest...

Yes-another puppy abandoned at the dog park. Gary couldn't leave him there either-i think they are same litter-this may be the runt. I've got a home for him-the person who was going to take the black one will get this guy-gary is leaning towards keeping the black one...we'll see, but we will find homes.

Poor things~spay and neuter those animals!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Our Temporary House Guest

This little thing was found abandoned at the dog park last night. Gary took nala for a walk and found this guy-alone and whimpering. He came home w/them and got food and water. We are looking for a home for him-have two possibilities right now. He got a bath today-smells so much better. Cute affectionate little thing~