Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Curious Bundles-the class

I recently took Susie LaFond's  online class-"Curious Bundles."  I have long admired her work-and here was an opportunity to see her process.  It was well worth the cost.  I've made my first "bundle" as she calls them
and am hooked.  I now have a great way to use fabrics i've been hoarding for years for that "special" project.  In her class you learn 3 different books and some extra techniques to use in your books.
   I can't wait to try it all.  Here are some pictures of my first bundle.

section of bundle-

bundle with blank pages-each pocket can hold loose journal pages or art

pocket close -up

close up of bundle. 
Screen pocket
another section with blank pages
 I really hated to cover all my fun fabrics with the pockets so i added some screen pockets. I "outlined" them in coordination fabrics and sewed them on-so you get a peek of the art or fabric.
inked and stitched
here is bundle spread out with decorated pages ready to journal or play on

 Looking forward to more inspiration from this class!