Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Pulse

Be sure to check out Seth's blog sunday for another addition of "The Pulse."
A photo i sent in back in Nov '09 (of a collection of mine) will be in this addition.
Can't remember what i sent, but it might have been books~since i can't stop buying old
A Happy Birthday to my hubby too-won't say how old though :) ...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Giveaway

Mary Beth Shaw is giving away a copy of her new book on fri so click on the link to read all
about it-Haven't seen the book yet but it looks like it is a good one-esp if you like her art like i do :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb Art Mtg

Sally, Traci H

Olga / Suzy

Today Jeanne and I co-hosted our art meeting. We decided to show our "expertise" at how to
make a steampunk heart out of clay. Once we arrived at the library, everyone pretty much dived into their clay-didn't even touch the snacks we brought! (that has to be a first) I broke the ice
so to speak by grabbing a cookie-then carrots, cake, chips....
These are the hearts that were made-most in progress:
April Donna G



Friday, February 04, 2011

Cold Weather Cooking

Today's special was potato soup-and boy was it yummy!
Here is Maverick playing in the snow-this guy still needs a forever home. Looks like we get a little break in the weather tomorrow. yea.

Did i mention the snow? we got about 4" on top of all that ice-and tonight it all turns to ice to make the roads a bit more fun...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Damn It's COLD outside!

We haven't had this many days of cold ever-that i can remember anyway. I just heard on world news tonight that it's colder HERE than Alaska-go figure. Normally we get 1 day of icy roads-everything shuts down because we aren't equipped for ice-don't get alot of it. It then melts the next day. Not this time-temps not above freezing until sat. But wait! (like those commercials) we get snow fri morning to top it all off! I actually left the house for a bit today-After being home since late mon night, i was stir crazy-actually showered and got out of my pj's. Did some cooking and baking yesterday though~
The one thing i'm sick of hearing is "they should have been better prepared for this" (mostly due to superbowl being here-well HELL-O people we don't GET this weather here. Schools closed for 4 days in a row-never happened before, so deal with it you northerners~it's a Fluke...
Below are the cookies i made-and made them smaller than normal since i've been grazing too much while stuck at home. The french toast was gary's, which was finished BEFORE the rolling black out-mine was just starting to cook when the black out it. it wasn't so good.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Well, we actually got the ice storm they predicted. My aunt was texting me from St Louis last night saying up there the grocery store shelves were empty of many items. She said normally they predict a storm, everyone buys milk, bread and eggs and no storm-so then everyone has to make french toast the next day. So i've declared today "National French Toast Day." I made a bacon/cheese sandwich though, so i'll make mine on wed.
The dogs enjoyed going out as usual, just not in long increments of time-except Maverick-his first cold spell. He was very frisky-had to make him come in. That wind chill is a killer. Lots of baking going on in N Texas~ That is Jack in the picture-chillin' after coming in from the cold. Looks like he just needs a beer and a chick and he'd be fine...