Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Well, we actually got the ice storm they predicted. My aunt was texting me from St Louis last night saying up there the grocery store shelves were empty of many items. She said normally they predict a storm, everyone buys milk, bread and eggs and no storm-so then everyone has to make french toast the next day. So i've declared today "National French Toast Day." I made a bacon/cheese sandwich though, so i'll make mine on wed.
The dogs enjoyed going out as usual, just not in long increments of time-except Maverick-his first cold spell. He was very frisky-had to make him come in. That wind chill is a killer. Lots of baking going on in N Texas~ That is Jack in the picture-chillin' after coming in from the cold. Looks like he just needs a beer and a chick and he'd be fine...

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Traci said...

OMG....that's exactly how he looks. He's a biker dog - needing a girl and a chick! love it!