Thursday, February 03, 2011

Damn It's COLD outside!

We haven't had this many days of cold ever-that i can remember anyway. I just heard on world news tonight that it's colder HERE than Alaska-go figure. Normally we get 1 day of icy roads-everything shuts down because we aren't equipped for ice-don't get alot of it. It then melts the next day. Not this time-temps not above freezing until sat. But wait! (like those commercials) we get snow fri morning to top it all off! I actually left the house for a bit today-After being home since late mon night, i was stir crazy-actually showered and got out of my pj's. Did some cooking and baking yesterday though~
The one thing i'm sick of hearing is "they should have been better prepared for this" (mostly due to superbowl being here-well HELL-O people we don't GET this weather here. Schools closed for 4 days in a row-never happened before, so deal with it you northerners~it's a Fluke...
Below are the cookies i made-and made them smaller than normal since i've been grazing too much while stuck at home. The french toast was gary's, which was finished BEFORE the rolling black out-mine was just starting to cook when the black out it. it wasn't so good.

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