Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Time Has Come...

to actually get myself in gear and clean/organize/purge in my art room.  I've said it before, started, put it off, ignored the room.  We've all done it.  Got shelf with fabric mostly organized.  Working on my table now.  At times i want to shove it all in a box and throw it away-probably wouldn't miss half of it.
Then i find something i forgot i had and it's like Christmas all over...

My table before.

Here is my shelf with fabrics and sewing stuff-before it was crammed in all wonky and stuff piled up in front of the shelf.  Rest of the room is still chaos but i'm getting there.  baby steps...

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Long Time Coming

My parents have finally moved into the house that they had built.  March 1 was the official move in date.
All those months of being their own contractor have finally paid off.  My sister, niece, her nephew and I drove out there march 16th to help with unpacking. (and again on march 25) I'll have to post more pictures once all the unpacking is done and stuff hung on walls.  every picture I have has boxes in it.
Front (sort of ) view of the house
back of the house
 I've also been trying to scan family photo's into the computer so we can all have copies of them.  We've come across some we have never seen before.  Really makes me miss St Louis.  I often wish that we hadn't moved away and that I had grown up there along with all the other cousins and family.
My grandmother-Clara Adams and neighbor. (good friend of the family)
Luther Montgomery on the right (grandfather) he had such a wonderful smile and laugh. (his brother on the left)

Luther and Clara on the right (brother on left)

Montgomery family (minus my mom) 717 Ruprecht in Lemay Missouri

My grandfather, aunt, grandmother, aunt and uncle
luther, norma, clara, linda and kevin.  Quite the dapper family. Easter maybe?  (grandpa didn't go with them to church)