Sunday, December 24, 2006


Here is the tree-ornament-less this yr and Nala with YOUNG, BLACK SANTA
(tired santa to0)
(the glare comes from taking a picture of a picture)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Warm December

It's 75 again today. Hard to get into a Christmas mood with those kind of temps! Here is a little globe i worked on-at least she has some snow.'

I've been working on the fatbooks for my art group-almost done finally-will post the cover of them soon.

Time to go wrap some presents....Didn't send out cards this yr, so don't feel bad if you didn't get one-no one really did~

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Almost Christmas

Yesterday we had our Christmas lunch/party for work. Went to a place in Dallas called "celebration". they had yummy food!
Here is a picture of the women that i work with:
vera, nellie and susan.
Friday was my nephew Patrick's 7th birthday! Happy Birthday
Patrick! hope the swimming party was fun today-you looked like you were having too much fun to notice which adults were there!
ok-so he IS older than that picture, but i thought it was cute.

Friday, December 01, 2006


We finally got some cold weather. When that front came through it dropped 20 degrees in a matter of minutes, then kept going. We had sleet and snow mix-but not enough to miss work :) It got down in the mid 20's last night. yea. i was sick of the 70's! winter might actually be here now.
here are a few of my christmas decorations-not that i have much up yet-or will, but i have these.
the silver balls are vintage ones that i got at an antique fair. the glitter stars came from canton. love them!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I wanted to update sooner-with pictures, but for some reason the program to upload from my camera isn't working, so pictures will come later. Linda and Becky came down from St Louis-had a nice visit-and again, all over for dinner. Wish we all lived closer-

Had dinner w/Randy, Mary, Bro (randy) and Marian last night at Carraba's for thanksgiving-nathan and gary were still out working and didn't make it there.
Today we'll go to mom's and pig out on all our usual turkey day food~will post more later-with pictures.
My thumb is healing nicely-not so purple around the hole anymore...maybe i'll let it grow long and save the hole-y nail to hang near the metal nail...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

quick Update

Had dinner for the family last sat~and Norma and Jan. Norma brought all the cool necklaces that she has been making. Patrick and Travis (and dad) enjoyed writing on my black wall. I finally erased it all yesterday since Linda and Becky (from st louis) will be here for dinner tonight. They flew in last night-so everyone is coming for dinner again.
Last fri i got to go to canton for a few hrs~here are a few of my finds...

more later, have things to do for tonight-and go visit~

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OOPS I did it again!

Interesting morning for me: spent a few hrs in the ER at Irving Baylor.
got to work-there is a door w/4 metal hooks that we hang coats/purses on. Went to hang my purse and felt a little pain. Looked at my thumb and (thinking i had scraped it) saw a metal piece in my thumbnail. It was throbbing, so i knew it was in there. My mom (boss) went to the front office for tweezers-only plastic, so she went to the store to get metal ones. Meanwhile, i started breakfast mostly lefthanded. When the twwezers arrived we tried to get it, but couldn't. After the guys were served, mom took me to the ER.
The girl who admitted me took a call-and said that "being up here makes me nervous." (she was training in triage)
I was taken to room 3. Taken for x-rays, then waited for the DR. (he came in with a young man who watched everything)
He came in-looked at the finger and said "wow" and "hmmmmm" (words you don't want to hear in the ER) First he mentioned removing the nail, then said he would numb it, and try to dig it out. I got 2 shots in the thumb (not pleasant) then he burned a hole and got two pieces of metal out) The hole will grow out in a few months-also decided to give me a tetnus shot. I took a picture of my hand on the bed-along with the hospital wrist band, and when they released me, sent that to gary. HE called me a few minutes later! (two young nurses came in-again, one in training) I think it was "Training Day" in the ER. Got the shot in the right arm "you'll be really sore for 2 days" so figured i would keep it all on the same arm.
So that was my wed morning. I have also discovered a pattern to my ER visits:
Aunt Norma. yes, in june aunt norma came to visit-the day after i swallowed the nail. Aunt Norma is coming to vist-tomorrow. So her next visit needs to be a surprise- to me anyway!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Craft Fair

Did the Birdville HS craft fair sat~didn't expect massive sales-since it wasn't "mainstream" art, but i did sell some things. I had alot of compliments and several who asked if i would make some art w/their family photo's. So i'll see if anything comes of that. It was nice to hear the compliments though!
we met Randy & Mary last night to see the house they are buying out near weatherford-it's nice. Went to dinner afterwards in ft worth. Norma and her friend Jan will be here thur night. I'm having dinner for everyone sat-belated halloween dinner.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Randy!

Today is randy's birthday. I met him and my mother in law for lunch today.
I told him that i have known him for more than 1/2 his life now. Made us both feel
old since i was a mere 23 and he was 16 when we met...Time sure flies!
Worked in the yard today-cutting down shrubs i don't want anymore. Will plant
the canna's that i was given in that spot instead. While out there the cold front came in-YEA. I am ready for cool weather!
Time to do a bit of art and then veg-i am tired today.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Quick Update

Weather here finally cooled off on thurs~went to the cemetery in ft worth (oakwood) to see what the damage was-heard on the radio that vandals had hit. They mostly got
markers, no angels-which was my biggest fear. I hate that any were damaged. People have weird ideas of entertainment.
I have alot coming up in the next 2 wks. Sat is the neighborhood garage sale.
Sat night is the last car show for dad's group. Sun is my art mtg-i'm hosting and teaching. Next sat is the Birdville HS craft fair-which i am in-and making a mad dash to make some art for. (sample of some work on here)
And the pumpkin i had-died. i think nala punctured it when she chewed the stem-it got squishy...
more later

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Normally would have had my halloween stuff out this past wkend, but it's just too damn hot to be in the "halloween-y" mood.. supposed to be hot all week, but maybe the halloween stuff will get out this wk anyway. Did go to canton this wkend w/Carol. Met up with Traci too. pictures of what i found are posted. We lasted 7 1/2 hrs in the heat! but there was shade, breeze from time to time and water-ice cold water...

Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Posting

Last saturday i bought a pumpkin. The weather has teased us with a hint of fall
from time to time (of course it's hot again today)but i was caught up in the autumn feeling and got a pumpkin. Picked out one with a great stem...and 30 min (or less) after bringing it home, Nala had chewed that great stem almost off. Good thing she is cute!
Also, here is one piece i'll be donating to bernie belin's auction. Now that i am working for my mom part time, i try to come home and do a bit of art in the afternoons. Tomorrow is Canton! hope to find some cool "junk."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Finally Back

Haven't posted in awhile. Today was the Bander's meeting. Suzy had a chocolate fountain for us to partake from-yummmmm
our project was a metal repousee piece adhered to a notebook.
and babette brought this clay piece done on canvas-reminded me of misty mawn's work and she's never even seen her stuff...
I will try to post here more often. Have some new art i'll put on soon. Started working part time, mornings this past week-but will try to keep this updated again. that's it for now!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Still Miserably HOT

I don't post much these days-i think it's the heat. We're tied for the 7th hottest
summer around here so far and will probably move up that list before it's all over.
I decided to do a search for my name online-and found this link-I did this piece a few yrs ago for this library-how cool is it that it's online. A friend of mine had gone to the exhibit and took pictures for me-but i didn't know the art was online.
pretty neat...more later

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The past week

Posted some art on ebay today-the 3 previous pictures are what's on there now.
Also have 2 fatbooks -procedes to go to bernie berlin's "a place to bark" animal rescue. This has been a tough week again. My depression seems to have reared it's ugly head again-mostly due to dealing with nathan-so if you don't hear from me, know that i'm not ignoring, i just know when i feel this way, it't best to be alone.
Did have a good day thurs-when i went to anne's and she, myself, carol and tricia put together the Venice fatbooks~and of course, got to eat at Siciliano's. yum
Tonight the Joy's all met for dinner for Marian's birthday, then to her place to play cards-i lost w/the highest score of course.
that's it for tonight.
see ya!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Art & stuff

Last week wasn't a good one-won't dwell on that-but will post some art i've done
in the past 2 wks.
Actually did about 8 pieces, but not posting them all~

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fire in the City

had the news on last night before our usual nightly walk-and saw that there was a fire in the "woods" were nala and i walk-my sis and her kids sometimes join us as does gary. He and i went there after dinner-the part we walk in was not burned, but a huge section of the nature preserve was-luckily it didn't make it to any of the surrounding homes. my pictures show an area leading up to the burned area, then obviously, part of the area affected. will take yrs for it to come back.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Gary and I went to Buchanan's Garage Sale today-usually go to the antique shows, but had not been to one of the g sales before. Boy did i find some fun stuff! Most booths had everything marked down, or $1 tables-or it was "cheap" All that you see in my photo cost me about $15! can't beat that.
Went to the Grapevine convention on sat. got a few embellishments, mostly visited with people. Gary & Nathan got in while i was out-turns out they drove all night-but came home and slept awhile. Glad they are home safe.
Hope to do some art this wk-finish some wood pieces i started-will post the pictures when they are done. Will probably put a few on ebay again and see how that goes.
OH-how could i have forgotten? Got a new "toy" last night-yes folks-here she is in all her red glory...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Recent Art

here is a piece i made last wkend. still working on another that i will post
when done.
Gary & Nathan finally left for Vegas around 4:30-mom and dad left this am for St louis and Suzanne and family are heading for vacation-gee, i've been abandoned!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Long Time

Geesh, didn't realize how long it's been since i posted. Not a whole lot going on.
Still having some problems with my throat/swallowing. one day it may all be ok again.
Did make the box shrine for the nail-when it's all done, the picture WILL be here!
Been cleaning like crazy-and finishing up little projects around the house-I am co-hosting the Banders mtg w/jeanne this sun. Nothing like that for motivation!
more later when there's more to tell~

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Nail UPdate

Actually ate semi-solid food today before going in for the next X-Ray.
First they didn't see it, but w/XR#2 they saw it still there. It was "close"
to passing. At some point this evening it did because i found it in our toilet.
I still have the throat pain-but the chest pain has greatly subsided.
On another note, had rain yesterday and today which we greatly needed. Today's
downpour cause flooding through our yard and neighbor's-their retaining wall
failed. picture one is backyard and 2nd one is the river down the front yard to the street. Thanks to the "construction" behind us. came close to entering through our back door. So one day, you WILL see a shrine to the nail~i'll post it here!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Week of the NAIL

For those who haven't heard, I swallowed a nail. No joke. on wed June 28, i was haning a frame w/a nail/hanger in my mouth when i suddenlyrealized the nail went down my throat. No pain-just scared me to death. Ended up driving to the ER-"why are you here" "I swallowed a nail" "You did WHAT?" was the common comment. Had everyone freaked out cause they all had done the same thing-let this be a lesson-don't put nails in your mouth-our moms were right! Gary showed up after his tests, then my sis. then i find out mom, dad, nathan are all on the way too. Great. I'm never going to hear the end of this. I can see the mounds of nail i will receive for Christmas from now on...
On to X-Ray. jokes didn't stop there. They decide to do an endoscopy on me-to try to retrieve nail from stomach. I call it roto-rootering the throat 101. Long story short, got the iv started-had to get me out of the cardiac room they had stashed me in-incoming emergency-real cardiac problem. I think the man died cause i heard a woman wailing. They took me to the GI lab-got me prepped-explained what they would do etc...just forgot the part where i wake up during and gag/retch so hard that i have strained all my muscles between stomach and head. I was supposed to be back to normal the next day. 6 days later and i'm still in pain. I've had x-ray's thur, fri, mon to see where the nail is. had to go back mon for a fabulous Iodine cocktail and Barium chaser to look at my throat & be sure no damage there. no-it "looks good" so i'm just strained and in massive pain.
And the combination burps up really nicely. tasteful too. Great diuretic for an empty stomach in case you ever need one.
Solid food is a thing of the past. Asked for pain meds wed night-they give me horse pills. guess that "it hurts to swallow" doesn't count for much.
Nail IS progressing-so far no pain from it-keeping fingers crossed. Due for another XRay on wed. really sick of the hospital. Did go out for some food today-so hungry-craving things like crazy. Had black eyed Pea bread w/gravy, cheese soup and potato. and will have the same for dinner- pictures later
gave me some lovely "souvenir photo's" at the hosp last week.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

As Promised

here is the bracelet I made on sunday.
gave blood today, so didn't get to any art~
mostly errands and housework. oh boy.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Quick UPdate

Took the plunge sat and listed 2 pieces of art on ebay. this is the link to one and you can 'view other items" for the other. we'll see how it goes.
made a fabulous bracelet yesterday at our Bander's meeting. will post that picture tomorrow.
time for bed-hopefully the melatonin will help the insomnia~

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Quick Note

Just wanted to post this website for fairy doors. very cool
wonder if this will spread from Ann Arbor~
also wanted to post a link to another blog-
bernie berlin's A Place to Bark
If you're an animal lover, you will want to read her posts~sometimes
with kleenex near

Monday, June 19, 2006

Just "stuff"

Let's see. since i was here last. Nathan got a tattoo. It's not done. Still plans to get wings added. It represents his guardian angel. Everyone (me, gary, nathan, randy, mom, dad, keith, suzanne, ty, travis, patrick, patsy, rex, justin and jake) went to Joe T Garcia's for lunch for Father's Day. see what i had to eat...
spent some time w/a good friend who needed to talk and been doing art. Several suggested this past wk that i sell some of these, so maybe i'll pop a few on ebay later this week and see how that goes. (once i decide i can part w/a few!) time to go eat some chocolate (nuggets)and make art!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My Week and Studio Fri (on sat)

Pretty much spent the week sleeping thanks to sinus infection+. Feel like i lost an entire week.
(Which i pretty much did.)
Studio Fri topic was "fave art supply" At this point i have to say WOOD! I am really enjoying building my boxes and using patina's! Don't always know what is going into them, but they are fun anyway~
Also want to show what i did w/the spoon i bought from Nikki Z at art & soul. Painted and distressed the wood-added the paper and a nail
and voila! It's in the dining room now.

The other piece is one for our Banders swap this month.

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Got up sat and headed out to Canton. Here is what i bought in my 3 hrs-not inclucing my water, tea and popcorn! Good ole rusty metal stuff~
Met Gary for lunch in Dallas, then on home. Started feeling sick-Bird Flu. OK-so it's probably just a head cold. Spent most of sun laying around. Needless to say, bathroom paint job is not done, but here is a picture of the color~watched the season finale's of "Soprano's" and "Big Love" tonight-good thing Deadwood starts next week-i'd have HBO withdrawal~ Watched "Freedomland" last night-it was really good-Julianne Moore was excellent.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Week so far...

Been busy this week. Textured (light) the bathroom and sanded it-it's ready for paint.
Weather was cooler wed, so worked in the north side of yard-clearing out the jungle. My trash
men probably weren't happy to see the pile this morning. Also worked on my trades for this month's art mtg..
here is a picture of the bathroom paint "before." and "during" with the the paint. And here we have a remorseful Nala and her handiwork~

Friday, May 26, 2006

Studio Friday/Happy Birthday

Studio Friday theme this wk is aged/antique, so this is what i took a picture of in the art room~
vintage rubber stamps.
Today was also my birthday~Started the celebration at midnight w/an amaretto sour. (actually had lunch w/gary's mom thurs, so i guess i started then)
went to scrapbook warehouse in the morning for my discount day.
Gary & I had lunch at Buca di Beppo (mmm ravioli) and chocolate cake...

Got a piece of jewelry from gary-saw this when we were at cottonwood a few wks ago. I had 2 picked out and had him chose which one for me-this one is called "inseparable" it has two figures and hearts~the artist is from Santa Fe...but no website.
We also saw "The DaVinci Code" which we enjoyed. M Night Shymalan has a new movie out

this summer-look forward to that-and Pirates of course! #1 on my summer list.Didn't make it to lowe's as planned today, but will do that tomorrow for paint-next project is "nathan's" bathroom.
Dinner at Anamia's w/mom and dad. Mom got me some vintage photo's when they were out of town last week. They came in to see the dining room re-do. (and visit the grand dogs)
Had wonderful emails, phone msg's -(sorry i missed some of your calls) and cards from friends~thank you all~it was a very nice day.

Cannot seem to get a good picture of the pendant-will try again tomorrow.