Monday, October 16, 2006

Quick Update

Weather here finally cooled off on thurs~went to the cemetery in ft worth (oakwood) to see what the damage was-heard on the radio that vandals had hit. They mostly got
markers, no angels-which was my biggest fear. I hate that any were damaged. People have weird ideas of entertainment.
I have alot coming up in the next 2 wks. Sat is the neighborhood garage sale.
Sat night is the last car show for dad's group. Sun is my art mtg-i'm hosting and teaching. Next sat is the Birdville HS craft fair-which i am in-and making a mad dash to make some art for. (sample of some work on here)
And the pumpkin i had-died. i think nala punctured it when she chewed the stem-it got squishy...
more later

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