Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Roben Marie Smith giveaway

Check out Roben Marie's giveaway -She has a new class coming soon and is giving away a great prize pack and 2 spots in the class.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

October Inspiration

Half Price Books had their annual dallas clearance sale this wkend-so we went over friday afternoon.
This time nothing was over $2-i guess they made it easier on themselves.  They used to group the books very specifically which i'm sure took forever to set up.  Now it's more 'general' so you have to dig.  The digging is part of the fun.
  I looked at an aisle of "art" then headed back to the vintage table. Well worth the look.  After several hours and looking at all the books we could stand, Gary left with 3.  Me-18.  Like i need more books.  I tell myself when i go to antique malls, estate sales, flea markets-no books.  I don't listen to myself very often.                                                                                                                                                                              

      Here are the 18 that i brought home.  some i wanted for the covers-to use in projects and some for my halloween/children's book collection.
here are my 18 books        
 On Saturday, we headed out to Canton Tx  for Trade Days.  I haven't been out there in 1 1/2 yrs. The weather was nice-got a little warm at times but mostly pleasant.  We were looking for "parts" to use to make some light fixtures.  Gary wants to try his hand at making some-probably to sell.   Some of the rusty things you see in the picture will go towards those projects.  I picked up a few things for myself too~that's what canton is for :)   In the middle of the picture you can see 2 little rectangles (didn't photograph well)
they are miniature photo's that came from england.  I had never seen any this small before so i had to have them.  They aren't great photo's-very faded but still very cool.

 Walking by a booth i noticed some stacks of books. If you have never been to Canton, this is not unusual to see a pile of books in various booths.  I don't always stop to look but I felt compelled to look here. I looked at a few and as i started to walk away a man told me they were .50 each.  Well, for that price, i HAD to look.  Glad I did.  I found 5 vintage books I figured I could use in art projects-either the covers and/or the pages.  The geography book was just plain cool.  (more on that in a bit)  I took my 5 to the other guy and he said i could have them all for 2.00.  Score!
  Gary and I don't always look at the same pace so sometimes I wander ahead-I found a few things when we weren't together.  He wanted to see what I found.  He doesn't know that you buy during the day~then you show and tell afterwards.  Told him we would look at it all when we got home.   
    When we got home is when i noticed the geography book was printed in St Louis, Mo.  (my second home) so that made it more special to me.  Then i opened it up to see the copyright date.  We figured early 1900's.  Those pages were missing so I looked at one of the maps-1895.  Then i found school papers done by the girl that had the book Zula .  2 other books of my 5 had her name written in them too. (the cover with stripes and the physics book.   That was where i found her last 9th grade report card promoting her to the 10th grade.  another score~ and a letter to her grandmother was in the geography book.
letter dated 1899

These are two of her papers that were in the book.  there were several maps that she had drawn and colored.  (i still remember when my son had to do those)   One of her papers was dated Oct 1st-and we found it on oct 1st...

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Current Art

school days vintage photo transfer on cradled wood panel
In the last year I had checked out a book by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare from my library at least twice. I ended up buying a copy for myself.  Meanwhile...a friend had a copy of Somerset Workshop that had an article on Sarah's technique. (she did some art with her own spin on it) which then inspired me to do some too.  I still want to try one that has more the look Sarah gets but in the meantime, i'm having fun.
I used a vintage photo of my mom as a little girl. My grandfather loved to fish-pretty sure he took her to land this one.  Blew up my photo and made a transfer.  The background was inspired by something i saw on pinterest by Joan Fullerton who does beautiful work. I went for the drippy look more than texture since I was adding my transfer and not transferring onto my substrate.
This one is done on plywood.

The girl with pink is done on a little canvas board.  She still needed something-a friend suggested she needed to be layered on another piece-so that is what she will get. (this photo is taken on the backside of the FISH (the plywood was an unfisnished project-but the side i never finished looked good with the canvas so i'll make something along those lines color wise.

 Did this piece on a wooden house I got at michael's this summer.
It's about 6" tall.  Transfer image is one i found on pinterest~went with a halloween theme.  (below is picture of the sides/top of the house) painted stripes then gave it a charcoal wash to age it.  Still may do more to the sides (vintage text circles)  or not. 
 So that is what i've been up to when i can fit time in for art~

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fabric Book is Finished

Here are the pictures of my completed fabric book.  I may still go back and add a few more embellishments but for now, I am happy with it.  The pictures are in order as they appear in the book.  After the back inside cover i have added a few close ups of some of the pages.

close up of the cover

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fabric Book (in progress)

 I recently took a fabric book online class from Suzy Quaife. (SuziQu's Threadworks)
I have long admired her work and since I love fabric and book making, wanted to see her process.
So now I am putting together my version of a book in her style. I decided to start I would make a smaler book than what she did in her videos.  Suzi is from Australia so the measurments/paper size is different but you can easily figure it out via google :)

I still have some things I want to add after I do the initial fabric work and will post those when it's done.
Meanwhile,  here are a few pages that are in progress

Birthday card I made for my mother in law's 95th birthday.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Magnolia (Silos)


Gary and I decided to take a road trip to Waco on friday.  I had wanted to see Magnolia, but was holding out for the bakery to open first. (gotta have priorities)  Once we parked -(the baptist church across st has $10 parking) Magnolia has a free lot.  There is street parking and other parking if you look for it.   I noticed there was a line out the door of the bakery-and down the sidewalk.  We went to Magnolia first.  If you watch Fixer Upper then you'll recognize Joanna's style the minute you walk in the door.  The staging is really wonderful and there are many employees around should you need any help.  When you walk through the store there are a set of steps on the far side-these go in to a "lower level" but it's not air-conditioned.  Big door is open and fans are going but it's still warm with crowds and summer heat.

section of garden-each of the 4 corners had a fairy garden

  The grounds are wonderful-the large play area with balls,   black and white bean bag looking things to sit on.  Wooden swings, wooden bench swings, covered areas to sit.   Food trucks on site.  The garden store with the gardens outside (including little fairy gardens)  It's wonderful to see her vision come to light.
(again-if you watch the show, you saw this from the beginning)
I didn't take pictures of everything-you can see it on their website.
Besided, Maverick (see picture in sidebar) ate my phone thurs night-so I didn't take as many photo's as i might have.


Nuts and Bolts

 The bakery was wonderful.  The decor is black and white, antiques/vintage store look-with a modern update.  The cupcakes were fabulous (nuts and bolts for me)  We didn't try any of the other items but it all looked great.  Worth the trip-hope to go again in the fall when it's cooler. 

Drove by Clint Harp's store and home.
  We had lunch at Portofino (downtown)  We knew the owner when he and brother had restaurant in ft worth. His nephew played soccer with nathan in high school.  
  After that, we headed to another part of town and hit some antique stores.
It was a "good day to have a good day."

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Catch Up Time

Once again I have gone much too long w/out posting.  I have made some progress on my art room
but I'm not where I want it to be yet. (meaning no pictures yet)
 Hot water heater died which is forcing us to clean out the garage-something we said we needed to do a year ago.  At least it is finally getting done.  I'm going to work on some projects that I put out there and just
"forgot" about.  My mom saved our baby bed-so when they moved I kept it with the intention of making something for each of us to hang. (rail sides and each end piece) I get one of each since I am the one doing the work :)  Got them cleaned up today so I can actually work on them.                    
  I also re-discovered some of my dead animal bones and my bundle. (disintegration)
So here are pictures I took. This one stayed outside well over a year-maybe closer to two.
here is the bundle before unraveling it.
pulled the twill out of the washer-chicken wire is already falling apart

unwound once
close up of washer sewn onto the fabric
very fragile

another washer and it's rust stain

cardboard is stuck to the fabric

texture-chicken wire, muslin, scrim, cardboard
totally unraveled