Friday, February 12, 2016

A Year of Milestone Birthdays

50th Birthday Bundle Book
This year I have several friends and family members that have milestone birthdays.  50th and 60th.
Today, my brother in law turns 60.  10 days ago, a friend turned 50.  Said friend has a you tube channel where she entertains thousands on a regular basis.  She also shares ideas, tips, tricks and her nostrils.  She has had me as a guest in her home on several occasions throughout the years.
So, for Shannon's birthday I decided that i needed to make her something special.  You only turn 50 once.
 I had taken an online class (see this post) in May and knew that this would be the perfect thing for her birthday-a keepsake of sorts. This "book" is made up of pockets-so she could keep cards or memento's in it.  I first started making a fairly colorful one-in her favorite colors but didn't like the way it was coming along
so i scrapped that and decided 50 deserved to be black.  Since I didn't want to rub it in her face too badly, i went with an elegant look: black, white and metallic.  I wanted a fairly large size so the pockets would be big.
 Once I finished the book, i set it aside and patiently waited for Jan to get here.  I also enlisted the help of her fellow facebook moderators to spread the word-If you wanted to make a birthday card for shannon, you could do so and send to me to include in the book.  I knew that doing it so early AND before the holidays could prove detrimental.  If people procrastinate, as artists do, then they would forget over the holiday season.  People came through-and I had enough cards to put in all the book pockets. 
I decided I couldn't just send the book-it was a birthday after all.  Things are tight in their home right now as Jayson is looking for work. (this is known so i'm not divulging family secrets) So...I wanted to add a bit of "fun" to the box.  Brownie mix (easier than a cake) candles, balloons, horns, twizzlers and some other little goodies. 
 The box went off in the mail and for once, the PO actually delivered it in priority mail time. (usually it's just a "guideline."    Imagine my surprise to find out she was afraid to open it.  Seems she thought i had sent her
another doll.  Like i would do that. (ok, maybe i would, but i did promise after the last doll incident, there would be no more) i just shot myself in the foot with that comment but i did promise.  Don't want her to have a heart attack after all.  Then 20,000+ people would hate me for sure.  She finally braved the box-saw that it was legit. (as in no doll)  and filmed the opening.  You can see that here if you haven't.
 So here are pictures of said book bundle...
book unrolls. this is the far right inside of the book
pocket page-the rips can actually hold something if you slide it through.
more pockets

pocket made into a pocket

close up of the glitter 50

folding the book in-velvet pocket with ribbon accent

screen pockets...and my knee

One of the pockets-made from screen

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February Already!~

Well, I see i have neglected the blog again.  Can't believe that it is February already.  I had big plans for january: getting back on my treadmill, getting my art room in order (HA) getting the house cleaned up from
all art stuff that should be in said art room...Not done yet. I hope to check it all off my list by the end of this month.  I have been hooked on making my fabric ribbon-and getting my Etsy store back up.  I had some
people ask about the ribbon and others that said "you should sell this" so i thought i would give it a try.
I've already made one roll for someone so I had a sale before I even got store ready!   Hopefully it will be set up by friday~that's my goal anyway. 

My parents' house is almost done~finally.  They think they will be in it by March.  Drive way has been poured and all the bits and pieces of finishing are pretty much done. I think they have to have a final inspection then they have the OK to move in... They went through Owner/Builder where you are the contractor-so they did one step at a time and were there every day when the workers were doing their thing.  I got to see it last summer when it was just studs-so of course we signed several boards.  My dad wrote under the stairwell the story of the house-date started and names...Guess i'll take another road trip in March to see the finished product.  I know they will be glad to get out of their tiny apartment-they won't know what to do with all the space.
  I guess another goal should be updating my blog a bit more.  I do have another post planned after something else happens-a certain present has to be opened before i can put pictures on here ;)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Reflections on the Year

I spent most of  December sick-first mild food poisoning, then a stomach virus that knocked me out, then a respiratory "thing."   I work for a casino party company and Dec. is the busy month.  I was lucky enough that the stomach thing happened after the first busy wkend.  The respiratory/head crap-not so much.  I could barely talk one wkend.  Made it kind of hard to deal blackjack and joke around but i managed.  The most unusual party this year was my last one.  It was held at a daycare.  (for the employees) There were only 3 of us working.  I was in the toddler room. Roulette wheel and abc's...
  I was also hosting Christmas Eve again this year.  For 13.  I decided to do spaghetti again-it's easy and everyone liked it last year.  I also decided (in between 5 million trips to grocery stores/errands/shopping) that i needed to move furniture around so we could fit two tables in the living room and all sit together.
 I found "chalkboard" table clothes at walmart.  I made mini menu's for each place.  I did my seating "cards" with my vintage anagrams/scrabble tiles.  Chalk on the tables, Christmas dishes-candles-you get the picture.
I hope so because i forgot to take a single picture.  It was down to the wire getting it all ready in time and when the first person showed up, I totally forget to get a shot before everyone got here.  Oh well.  Food was good, played a movie trivia game (i had the cards on the tables) and opened gifts.  The nephews and niece played blackjack.  Addie (8) won. :) 
   I shoved a bunch of stuff into my art room so the house would be in order.  Now comes the time that I must head into said room and start back on the task of getting it in order so that i can actually create in there again.  I stopped doing anything in there when i got hooked on my sewing.  So my goal will now be to put the room in order for real this time.
  I started thinking back on the year and what art i have done.  I realized that I did no journaling, no mixed media that i can think of-it was just sewing.  I also worked on the room a bit-moving stuff around a lot.  This year i want to do better.  I still have sewing projects i want to do.  I want to get back to my art journal.  I really wish i could concentrate on one real medium...fabric/sewing/books are where i lean right now.  Maybe that is what i will concentrate on in the new year.  I also signed up for some online classes that I need to finish or even watch.  No more until those get my attention.
  So here is hoping for a more artful year for me-and anyone else who is so inclined.
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Current Obsession

Fun pink ribbon
After taking an online class where we made a fabric scrap tie to close the book and seeing /making paper ribbon with scraps, i'm now obsessed with making "fabric ribbon."
Part of my "use up what you have" mentality.  I'll admit i have bought a few new fabrics/tulle to match what
I have when I don't feel there is enough variety.  What can i say?  Fabric is addicting.  I've been playing with fabric one way or another since i was 5 or 6.  My mom used to work for Stretch & Sew, World of Fabrics and taught sewing.  I can remember in the early 70's-the "make your own lingerie" fad came about.  The local paper wrote an article about my mom-"Mrs Moody" (never once did they use her name.)  I can remember some women coming to our house (maybe for a class) and i was messing with some scraps making a flower. (gathered fab)  My mom would make them for house shoes.  I remember hearing one of the ladies ask my mom if I knew what I was doing.  (I think she thought i was just messing around "copying" they actions of my mom.)  She told them "yes she does."  So there.
  Back to now~I can't seem to stop making my ribbon.  I recently used a piece to wrap a baby shower gift-it got passed around the room because some people wanted to look at it more closely.  I made it so that it could be hung as garland after used for wrapping.  Below you'll see a sampling of some of the rolls~
This is my "floaty" style

The silver/gray was added to a baby shower gift-you can see a peek of it.

Christmas colors

Purple for an art friend

Christmas with a vintage twist (the green and touch of pink)

Another Christmas style-this one was for my mom
Colorful roll

Two on left were from a book tie-made more than needed.  Two on right were the silver/gray

Monday, September 28, 2015

Recent Artwork

 I recently took an online class from Nellie Wortman.   (Altered Fabric Book)  Really enjoyed the class and even though   I'm still working on this book, i look forward to making more!
This is the cover-i still want to add a bezel at the bottom.  A closer look at the spine.
 A peek at the pages.
vintage envelope

lace hankerchief

another peek at a page

Saturday, August 08, 2015


dave "all american boy"
 When we emptied out my grandparents house last year, my sister brought home a big box of family photo's.  We decided we would go through them once we got back home then distribute to family members.
I have only seen a few pictures of my dad and aunt when they were young. (and grandparents) this was a treasure trove.  It's been fun going through them all and getting them ready to go to their new homes. We have also been digging into some family history-and found some very interesting details.
Harry Moody

Kate K Moody-this captures her spirit

Linda Moody (beck) love this shot
I think a few pictures may find there way into some art.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hoarder in the Making...

Anyone out there who enjoys mixed media knows what the "thrill of the hunt" means.  That dusty corner of an antique mall or thrift shop where you spy that "thing" that everyone else has overlooked.  That "thing" that would be so cool in a project-someday.  You buy it.  You take it home.  You place it somewhere that you can admire it.  For years.  because you are waiting for "just the right project"  or it's one of a kind and once you use it, it's gone. While sitting out front of an estate sale one day, an older gentleman once said (about the contents that were in the house that we were waiting to go in and snatch up)-"it's a shame she didn't use it-now she is gone and someone else gets to enjoy it" (another woman and I were 2nd/3rd in line waiting to hit the room full of sewing stuff)
    Those words really struck a chord with me.  It made me start to think of all the cool stuff i had accumulated that was sitting on a shelf or in a box-waiting for just the right project.  Some really cool stuff I might add.  For a while I did start using some of that stuff-usually on something for myself-that way i still had the item but I put it to use.  If it was a gift or for sale, i sometimes used the "2nd favorite" item :)
  Here it is-years later and a lot more stuff.  Couple that with a few years of major spans of time with no inspiration or desire to do art.  Occasional desire to hit an antique mall brought in more "stuff."
 Recently, as I mentioned my grandfather passed away-the last of my grandparents.  My parents and aunt had one month to empty out his house-as it sold a month before his death.  I've never had to help clean out someone's residence.  It's a lot more work than you think.  Even when they lived fairly simply with out a lot of clutter or "stuff."   You have to go through EVERY drawer in every room, every closet, every inch-which is what they did-and I helped some.
    That was my mistake.  Don't get me wrong, i was very glad to be able to help. There were certain items going to different family members-furniture mostly, some kitchen items and family photos.  Clothing was donated, misc given away.  The next round was letting the "junk guy" come take what he wanted. He had a thrift shop in their city.  When he loaded his truck and saw what was still left he had to get another truck and help.  Dad wanted no money-just wanted it out of the house.  Well, knowing that they were coming kicked my "hunter/gatherer" instinct in.  Big Time.  I set aside few smallish boxes for me.  Went out to the garage where i knew everything had not been gone through thoroughly.  Again, set aside some items for me or my husband.  Tool kit that had never been opened for my dad-and then i found "stuff."  The rusty metal, little wheels, rulers and thing-a-ma-jigs.  The laundry area downstairs had stuff stored as well.  And the boxes under the stairs and the large "closet"-both of which were full.  Probably things they packed up in st louis and never opened again.  The small moving box full of every cancelled check they wrote in the 50's and 60's.  The kind you see in an antique store.  Which i mentioned to my husband and before i could put them in the trash pile i thought "what am i thinking?!  I can use these, sell these and or give them to friends."  duh.  so that box went to my pile.   I don't know how many boxes I came home with-it was all stuff that no one else would have wanted.  It would have been donated or thrown out.  So it came to a good home.  The bad thing
is, my art room is already full.  Disorganized really.  If I would just get in there and consolidate/organize it would make more room for my haul.  I have more fabric, sewing notions, thread, rusty stuff, old jars, vintage christmas doo-dads, ephemera....Enough to start my own antique mall booth.
       It's going to be a big job.  So I keep putting it off.  So it sits in my hallway, my dining room, my breakfast nook. (and that doesn't include the furniture we're trying to find space for-and get rid of the old.  At one point there were 3 couches in my living room.  That has now been rectified.  Now just couch/love seat and 2 recliners.  oh yea, the treadmill just folded up and waiting for an empty spot again...
  Let's face it.  You can now call me a Hoarder.  I have the pictures to prove it.
but i have some cool "stuff."         UPDATE:  I am now working on the room (and garage) time to purge/sell/give away etc...

Art Weekend in the Country

Mary, Melody, Donna G

Mary and Donna singing to us (not)

Mel, Mary, ME (donna), Donna G

I think i was trying to blow in her ear or whisper something good

bed-luxurious bed

example of attention to detail.  This is one of the closets-even they are decorated.
Some friends of mine asked if I would like to join them the first full weekend in Nov at an "art getaway" in Forney Tx.  Of course I said "yes."  I haven't done anything like that in yrs and it sounded like a good time to get away from real life and get some things i was working on finished (insert snorting laugh here)  Good intentions anyway.  The "Ruby Rose Retreat" is located in Forney Tx.  It sits across the street from Big Mouth Scrappers.    I didn't realise the scrapbook store was there-they had taken a class there and learned about the retreat.  The owner of the store owns the retreat also.  It rents out thurs-sun at noon.  Sleeps 6.  You can see by my pictures that Angela pays attention to details.  The house is decorated in a shabby chic/antique/fun style.  3 bedrooms, 2 baths.  Full kitchen. (bring your own supplies)  Bedding, towels, etc... are provided.  Comfortable bedding :)   Even the closets contain vingnettes~
The scrapbook store is just as wonderful-very well stocked and full of everything a scrapbooker, paper artist or mixed media person could want.  5 rooms full and a HUGE class/crop room.

Broken Leg and 4 wks of Drama

On mon June 29, my husband passed out and broke his leg (fibula) in the fall.  He didn't know at the time it was broken, thought he sprained it.  The next day after running some errands, he felt around and something was poking that shouldn't be so decided better have it looked at.  Went to one of the new "hospitals" that isn't a hospital or minor emergency place.  They x-rayed and confirmed it was broken.  Did a temp "stablize
the area" abd gave him some Rx.  He called an orthopedic guy the next day, then found out he had to go
to his primary care dr first and get a referral from them.  The x-rays and dr confirmation didn't count. Mind you this was fri by the time he found out he needed to go to pcp.
  He called the PCP that ins assigned to us back in jan.  We never go to the  dr so never saw this person to become patients.  When he called "not accepting 'new' patients"  but the nurse practitioner would see him.
SHE confirmed the break and gave it over to the woman that does the referral work.  THAT took until fri
for her to call with the name of an orthopedic dr he could call.-of course it was too late fri to contact them AND it was July 3-holiday wkend.  He calls on mon (now wk 2 of break) and office closed for holiday.
Calls tues.  Leaves his info.  Calls back on wed.  yes, dr can see you on Aug 2.  "do you not realize I have a broken leg, that's been broken for 2 wks now?"  so she re-checks.  They will see him the following wed.
July 15. 
  3 wks go by, he goes to dr (still in the temp binding) where dr says "we normally like to set these 7-10 days after the break."  Well, he tried to get in sooner. duh.  Said there will be complications for waiting so long.
They will re-break the bone then put screws in.  Will more than likely have arthritis in that joint after waiting this long.  HOWEVER, dr will be out of town the following wk so surgery will be mon JULY 27...
The dr said the stuff he had on his leg was probably too tight.  Well, no shit, it was meant to stabilize his leg until he saw the dr-NOT be there for 3 weeks.  They gave him an Rx for a boot.
 Fri, july 17th rolls around and they call to say, can't do surgery on the 27, hospital is booked so she (the woman who schedules) will get it as close to that date as she can....
so it will be 5 wks + by the time leg gets repaired.  FIVE weeks.  His collar bone is hurting badly too.
It was fractured yrs ago and healed.  Reading online found out that using crutches can re-aggrivate a fracture like that (or re-fracture)  He told the dr this 3 times.  3.  and it was ignored.  I guess you are supposed to call your PCP and see them and get a referral for a separate "item" than the original.  WHAT the hell happened
to health CARE?  it's all about pleasing the ins company.
 And the INS company...BCBS.  I wrote on their facebook page as this was all going on.  They first said, you need to see primary care physician.  (duh)  then when they saw not taking new patients "we'll be glad to help you find a new PCP if you give us all your info"  (NOT a word about we'll find you a dr to set the leg)
When she saw he had an appt w/the ortho dr.  "so sorry you had issues, glad he has appt"
He even called BCBS directly and the girl tried to find a dr who could see him sooner-nope. seems a broken bone doesn't matter anymore.  You have to go through "channels" ~yet they ideally want it set/repaired in 7-10 days.
   Can you say "lawyer?"...