Saturday, March 18, 2017


side of first hinge book-mixed media theme
one side of pages on larger hinge book

Maybe if I set the goal to blog once a month for now, i'll actually do it.  I post on instagram and forget to blog.   I hosted the project for my art groups' january meeting.  I also showed a picture on IG to a friend.  Told her i saw it the night before and wanted to change the project to that :)   She texted me later that night and said why don't we co-host this next month.  So i agreed.  Thinking we would come up with our own versions and it would not be too difficult.  Wrong.  Our Inspiration was Tina Jensen.  I saw a book she posted on IG  and wanted to try my hand at something similar.   Jeanne and I didn't like how loose our
books were when we just tied them to the hinge, so we came up with other bindings.  Took us weeks to make our samples, figure out 2 bindings (thanks Traci for the accordian idea!)  You can see pictures on my IG feed~but i will post some here too.
vintage girl themed book
other side of the vintage girl themed book

the small kraft book

the small kraft book pages

5 of my hinge books

pages in the "photo booth" book

other side of "photo booth" book pages

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