Sunday, February 05, 2017

What I'm Working On

I hosted my art group's meeting last month and we did postcards. sounds boring. :) But they are a lot of fun.  They were based on some I saw that Roxanne Coble (by bun) did on Make it Artsy.   Mine are a bit more involved and full of color-not just on one side.
I really like the mark-making/doodling part.  I usually have some on hand ready to add all the lines and such when i go to visit my parents.  Everything fits in a nice box and travels well.  I can sit at the table and
play without having to bring a lot of stuff with me. 

Now i am working on some door hinge books~will post some pictures soon!

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Denise Spillane said...

So much fun. Still making more! Love this style.