Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy New Year and Organize

I can still say that since it's only the 12th.  
  I got on the "word" bandwagon again this year.  I've been feeling chaotic at home ever since we cleaned out my grandparents' house and my parents moved.  I brought things home that were for other family members, myself or to sell or donate.  Some of it went where it was supposed to, some was sold or given away-the rest resides with me.  A lot of the "stuff" was brought home that i thought i could use for art-things that no one else would have trash.   I go through boxes, move things around, stack it in the garage, leave it on a get the picture.  I've finally had enough.  Another friend and I decided that we would be accountable to each other this year as far as getting our art spaces organized.   I realized in order to do that i had to first clean off the dining table and the kitchen table.  Both had things that needed to go to new homes or be put where they belong. (read: art projects)  I now have 3 boxes-over 50 lbs of photo's that need to go to St Louis.  but they are boxed/divided for family and ready to go.  Old books have been sold to the book store (what a rip off but got them out of the house)  Sewing stuff has been moved back to the art room and kitchen table is almost clean.  I've even started on my art room table.  If you haven't guessed, my word this year is ORGANIZE. 
I am actually making progress so it feels really good and do-able.  I'm in that "purge" mode so i am more willing to let some things go.  (at least in my head)  It's time to put things in their place so that i can be more creative and not just stare at my mess.

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