Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Posting

Last saturday i bought a pumpkin. The weather has teased us with a hint of fall
from time to time (of course it's hot again today)but i was caught up in the autumn feeling and got a pumpkin. Picked out one with a great stem...and 30 min (or less) after bringing it home, Nala had chewed that great stem almost off. Good thing she is cute!
Also, here is one piece i'll be donating to bernie belin's auction. Now that i am working for my mom part time, i try to come home and do a bit of art in the afternoons. Tomorrow is Canton! hope to find some cool "junk."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Finally Back

Haven't posted in awhile. Today was the Bander's meeting. Suzy had a chocolate fountain for us to partake from-yummmmm
our project was a metal repousee piece adhered to a notebook.
and babette brought this clay piece done on canvas-reminded me of misty mawn's work and she's never even seen her stuff...
I will try to post here more often. Have some new art i'll put on soon. Started working part time, mornings this past week-but will try to keep this updated again. that's it for now!