Thursday, November 23, 2006


I wanted to update sooner-with pictures, but for some reason the program to upload from my camera isn't working, so pictures will come later. Linda and Becky came down from St Louis-had a nice visit-and again, all over for dinner. Wish we all lived closer-

Had dinner w/Randy, Mary, Bro (randy) and Marian last night at Carraba's for thanksgiving-nathan and gary were still out working and didn't make it there.
Today we'll go to mom's and pig out on all our usual turkey day food~will post more later-with pictures.
My thumb is healing nicely-not so purple around the hole anymore...maybe i'll let it grow long and save the hole-y nail to hang near the metal nail...

Saturday, November 11, 2006

quick Update

Had dinner for the family last sat~and Norma and Jan. Norma brought all the cool necklaces that she has been making. Patrick and Travis (and dad) enjoyed writing on my black wall. I finally erased it all yesterday since Linda and Becky (from st louis) will be here for dinner tonight. They flew in last night-so everyone is coming for dinner again.
Last fri i got to go to canton for a few hrs~here are a few of my finds...

more later, have things to do for tonight-and go visit~

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

OOPS I did it again!

Interesting morning for me: spent a few hrs in the ER at Irving Baylor.
got to work-there is a door w/4 metal hooks that we hang coats/purses on. Went to hang my purse and felt a little pain. Looked at my thumb and (thinking i had scraped it) saw a metal piece in my thumbnail. It was throbbing, so i knew it was in there. My mom (boss) went to the front office for tweezers-only plastic, so she went to the store to get metal ones. Meanwhile, i started breakfast mostly lefthanded. When the twwezers arrived we tried to get it, but couldn't. After the guys were served, mom took me to the ER.
The girl who admitted me took a call-and said that "being up here makes me nervous." (she was training in triage)
I was taken to room 3. Taken for x-rays, then waited for the DR. (he came in with a young man who watched everything)
He came in-looked at the finger and said "wow" and "hmmmmm" (words you don't want to hear in the ER) First he mentioned removing the nail, then said he would numb it, and try to dig it out. I got 2 shots in the thumb (not pleasant) then he burned a hole and got two pieces of metal out) The hole will grow out in a few months-also decided to give me a tetnus shot. I took a picture of my hand on the bed-along with the hospital wrist band, and when they released me, sent that to gary. HE called me a few minutes later! (two young nurses came in-again, one in training) I think it was "Training Day" in the ER. Got the shot in the right arm "you'll be really sore for 2 days" so figured i would keep it all on the same arm.
So that was my wed morning. I have also discovered a pattern to my ER visits:
Aunt Norma. yes, in june aunt norma came to visit-the day after i swallowed the nail. Aunt Norma is coming to vist-tomorrow. So her next visit needs to be a surprise- to me anyway!