Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Susan Tuttle is giving away a copy of her new book: Digital Expressions which you can find on Amazon if you don't want to wait.
Click on her name to go to the post to read all about it. Her first book, Exhibition 36 was wonderful and if that is any indication to this one-you are in for a treat.

Latest Art

Here is what i did over the wkend for my art meeting.
Used scrap pieces of wood i had in the garage, cut them like tags. painted and collaged them.
Now to find something new to work on~

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where the Hell Did This Come From?

and how did it get into my house? It's not like it could have "snuck" in when someone had the door open...maybe it hitched a ride in on one of the dogs...yea right. Needless to say it's now safely outdoors again and out of the house!
The Southlake Art Festival started yesterday so i went out there to see the art-no pictures though.
A few interesting things-talked with some of the artists which is always interesting. When i was done, i treated myself to this:
If there is a Corner Bakery, i'm all over that bundt cake! :) Today i went and got my hair cut. Not a trim but new style. Lisa said i change my hair more than any woman she knows~not many are as "adventurous" as she called it. I just told her, "it will grow back." Usually think about it for awhile before i chop it off-the last "whim" cut i got i hated, so i learned to give it a wk or so to really decide. I'll just call it my summer-do.
Finished up my swap items for our art meeting tomorrow. I'll post pictures tomorrow-the ones i took tonight didn't turn out great and don't feel like re-doing them right now~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bits of Art

Here are a few things i'm working on this wk.
The "girls" are almost done-will add a saying on here in vintage text
The brown piece is burned glue-looks like trees so i added a swing and it
will soon have a little girl sitting on it.

the pink piece is just beginning-not sure yet what images it will have, but i just
felt like something pink. Probably "girly" anyway~

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Main St and downtown

My Iris'

Gary and I ended up going back to Main St late sun afternoon. Talked to a few artists, looked at some i wanted to see again. Got inspired to do some new art-Took some pictures of rooftop skylines of the city- This is a reflection of the AMC theater's sign in the bldg across the street.
and the angels at Bass Hall.

Really like this artist's work too-talked to him quite a bit-Jim Brown
loved hearing about his process~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Main St Art Festival~fort worth

Went to the festival thurs around noon-best time to go is opening day. early. not crowded and you can actually talk to the artists and see the art~There were some new artists this year to Main St.
This photographer had some unique frames and way of mounting the photos.
We came across this trio too~dog, cat and mouse. Gary has a friend who said he has seen them on animal planet-showing they can all get along.
This next photo is Kimberly Wilcox. I actually came across her last march in Houston-at the bayou city art festival. Very cool work up close. There were other artists who's booths i didn't get pictures of~will try for that if i go back on sunday~
And of course, tradition. Our stop at Corner Bakery for dessert~Banana Bundt cake for me!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

This and That

The Alice journal i am currently working in has sort of a heart theme-queen of hearts is the cover. I did an figurative page of the Queen of Hearts.

I've also been working on some wooden hearts as seen here. The aqua one may change, but i am having fun with them. The sayings are small so that someone looking at them has to be up close~drawn in to art.

I've also been wanting to play a bit with wax. This piece is just a collage that has been waxed over. I had to play just a bit more with it and added another layer of wax over the piece after the picture was taken. Now i don't like it-figures i couldn't leave it alone...
Finally, this piece is something i started this summer-I burned glue-and whatever it did to the original thing i had going, i didn't like and painted over-left some of the burned glue showing.
Now i like it-It looks like two trees. Just need to figure for sure what image i'm adding in the middle. Maybe a child on a swing...

Friday, April 02, 2010

Time to Update~

Seems lately i spend more time catching up my blog than maintaining it~guess i've gotten busier lately. Last sunday was our art mtg~we made these copper bracelets. Mine is ugly, but i finished. What each piece should have looked like was below~ I've also made some wooden hearts that i'll post later-just realized none of the pictures turned out very well. I also finished my page in the first Alice book~will post that too after i take some pictures.