Saturday, April 03, 2010

This and That

The Alice journal i am currently working in has sort of a heart theme-queen of hearts is the cover. I did an figurative page of the Queen of Hearts.

I've also been working on some wooden hearts as seen here. The aqua one may change, but i am having fun with them. The sayings are small so that someone looking at them has to be up close~drawn in to art.

I've also been wanting to play a bit with wax. This piece is just a collage that has been waxed over. I had to play just a bit more with it and added another layer of wax over the piece after the picture was taken. Now i don't like it-figures i couldn't leave it alone...
Finally, this piece is something i started this summer-I burned glue-and whatever it did to the original thing i had going, i didn't like and painted over-left some of the burned glue showing.
Now i like it-It looks like two trees. Just need to figure for sure what image i'm adding in the middle. Maybe a child on a swing...

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