Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where the Hell Did This Come From?

and how did it get into my house? It's not like it could have "snuck" in when someone had the door open...maybe it hitched a ride in on one of the dogs...yea right. Needless to say it's now safely outdoors again and out of the house!
The Southlake Art Festival started yesterday so i went out there to see the art-no pictures though.
A few interesting things-talked with some of the artists which is always interesting. When i was done, i treated myself to this:
If there is a Corner Bakery, i'm all over that bundt cake! :) Today i went and got my hair cut. Not a trim but new style. Lisa said i change my hair more than any woman she knows~not many are as "adventurous" as she called it. I just told her, "it will grow back." Usually think about it for awhile before i chop it off-the last "whim" cut i got i hated, so i learned to give it a wk or so to really decide. I'll just call it my summer-do.
Finished up my swap items for our art meeting tomorrow. I'll post pictures tomorrow-the ones i took tonight didn't turn out great and don't feel like re-doing them right now~

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