Saturday, April 10, 2010

Main St Art Festival~fort worth

Went to the festival thurs around noon-best time to go is opening day. early. not crowded and you can actually talk to the artists and see the art~There were some new artists this year to Main St.
This photographer had some unique frames and way of mounting the photos.
We came across this trio too~dog, cat and mouse. Gary has a friend who said he has seen them on animal planet-showing they can all get along.
This next photo is Kimberly Wilcox. I actually came across her last march in Houston-at the bayou city art festival. Very cool work up close. There were other artists who's booths i didn't get pictures of~will try for that if i go back on sunday~
And of course, tradition. Our stop at Corner Bakery for dessert~Banana Bundt cake for me!

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