Thursday, July 22, 2010

Art Day

Monday i watched this little one~and she wanted to do "arts and crafts" so we did. I got out the paper, ink pads, rubber stamps, scissors, glue stick and paints. Guess what the favorite was?
She made 2 books, 1 realllly big book for her mom. A BIG card for Nathan and just played.
We made handprints in paint-even footprints-(mom doesn't know about those yet) but it washes off so it's ok~ :)
i think i finally have everything put away again-waiting for next time...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Homemade Goodness...

Saw this on Alisa Burk's blog and since i had just made up a batch of choc. chip cookie dough
the night before, thought-why not? so i had a homemade ice cream sandwich-yum!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Collage Playground book Giveaway

Go to this link to see the info for the giveaway of this book: Collage Playground

F+W Media has gifted the Marketplace with a copy of Collage Playground for someone to win. the above link will tell you what you need to do to enter! good luck!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chaos and the Cattle Barn...

How can these two have anything in common? Moreso than you think. I've been *trying* to go through my art room and purge. I've got the giveaway pile, the trash and the sell piles. It's verrrry slow going. Sometimes i walk in and turn around and leave. Other times i get inspired to start a project or work on an ongoing one. Needless to say-it's a slow process. I want to narrow down some of my art stash, but it's hard to do when you are into mixed media.
THIS is what my room looks like right now-
There are piles of stuff EVERYWHERE in the room-stuff in boxes...need more bookshelves now that dresser is out. haven't found any so may just build what i want. Spent hours in here last night going through things and rearranging others. The naked eye can't tell, but i can!
Today i needed a break so decided to head to the Cattle Barn Flea Market in ft worth. I thought it *might* be a bit cooler today w/the clouds (no air, just fans all over) it IS a cattle barn after all.
It was cooler, but humidity set in-i didn't go there to look pretty or impress, so that was fine and since i was dripping wet by the time i left, a good philosophy.
I dug. I dug through boxes, bins and shelves. 2 1/2 hrs later and $20. poorer, here is what i came home with-can you see today's theme? Like i need to add anything else to "the room?"
no, but hey, i have plans for this stuff....

And finally-Happy Birthday to Nala! She turned 7 on fri so got to celebrate with a few treats from Three Dog Bakery-of course, she was a good girl and shared with Jack and Riley!

Friday, July 09, 2010

KC Willis~

If you're one of the few who hasn't been to collage camp~ now is your chance to-for a discount.
Check out this post on her blog to get the details. I joined last spring- and it was wellllll worth the price-and for a short time, you can join for $54~KC does beautiful work-you can see it on her website if you haven't-taking her online class will show you how she gets her "look."

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So Far This Week

Fireworks and concert sun night in Hurst. Saw Emerald City again-really like them. Mom, Dad, Gary, Myself, Nathan, Ashley and Jade were all there. Brought our picnic dinner-drinks, snacks etc... enjoyed the evening.Here is some stuff i've come across while mowing this summer-the first is a skunk skeleton-i still need to really look at it, but waited a month to pick it up after first finding it. The second is my frog skeleton and bird wing-obviously the bird lost whatever fight it was in.

The following is some of my current art-they'll be on Etsy soon. Last is a picture of the yardstick i made to display stuff on-saw this on another blog from "where bloggers create" and had to copy the idea. Old yardstick and tiny cuphooks-screw them in then use for display. Great idea!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Catching Up-Again

Been putting off posting due to 'where bloggers create' but it's time to get back to it~
Here is something i picked up last wkend.
This is my metal folding measuring stick. First time i had seen one made of metal (and wouldn't you know, i saw a 2nd one this wk-n0t as good a price though) love the font of these numbers. here it is unfolded~i'll be making another shape from this to hang on display.
This is just a pile of some of the rusty stuff i've found this week. I also have a frog skeleton and a skunk skeleton-haven't taken photo's of those yet but will soon~don't know yet how i'll use them, but i have something in mind :)