Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So Far This Week

Fireworks and concert sun night in Hurst. Saw Emerald City again-really like them. Mom, Dad, Gary, Myself, Nathan, Ashley and Jade were all there. Brought our picnic dinner-drinks, snacks etc... enjoyed the evening.Here is some stuff i've come across while mowing this summer-the first is a skunk skeleton-i still need to really look at it, but waited a month to pick it up after first finding it. The second is my frog skeleton and bird wing-obviously the bird lost whatever fight it was in.

The following is some of my current art-they'll be on Etsy soon. Last is a picture of the yardstick i made to display stuff on-saw this on another blog from "where bloggers create" and had to copy the idea. Old yardstick and tiny cuphooks-screw them in then use for display. Great idea!

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