Friday, July 02, 2010

Catching Up-Again

Been putting off posting due to 'where bloggers create' but it's time to get back to it~
Here is something i picked up last wkend.
This is my metal folding measuring stick. First time i had seen one made of metal (and wouldn't you know, i saw a 2nd one this wk-n0t as good a price though) love the font of these numbers. here it is unfolded~i'll be making another shape from this to hang on display.
This is just a pile of some of the rusty stuff i've found this week. I also have a frog skeleton and a skunk skeleton-haven't taken photo's of those yet but will soon~don't know yet how i'll use them, but i have something in mind :)

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Kristin said...

OOOH, I love the rusty stuff! So much fun to be had! Thank you for your sweet comment regarding our studio - it was a great event, but I get why you would be distracted by it - I spent days going over all the beautiful rooms too, Kristin xo
Can't wait until next year . . .