Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chaos and the Cattle Barn...

How can these two have anything in common? Moreso than you think. I've been *trying* to go through my art room and purge. I've got the giveaway pile, the trash and the sell piles. It's verrrry slow going. Sometimes i walk in and turn around and leave. Other times i get inspired to start a project or work on an ongoing one. Needless to say-it's a slow process. I want to narrow down some of my art stash, but it's hard to do when you are into mixed media.
THIS is what my room looks like right now-
There are piles of stuff EVERYWHERE in the room-stuff in boxes...need more bookshelves now that dresser is out. haven't found any so may just build what i want. Spent hours in here last night going through things and rearranging others. The naked eye can't tell, but i can!
Today i needed a break so decided to head to the Cattle Barn Flea Market in ft worth. I thought it *might* be a bit cooler today w/the clouds (no air, just fans all over) it IS a cattle barn after all.
It was cooler, but humidity set in-i didn't go there to look pretty or impress, so that was fine and since i was dripping wet by the time i left, a good philosophy.
I dug. I dug through boxes, bins and shelves. 2 1/2 hrs later and $20. poorer, here is what i came home with-can you see today's theme? Like i need to add anything else to "the room?"
no, but hey, i have plans for this stuff....

And finally-Happy Birthday to Nala! She turned 7 on fri so got to celebrate with a few treats from Three Dog Bakery-of course, she was a good girl and shared with Jack and Riley!

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the gypsy said...

I'm still working on the WBC studio tour - how nice to have a sofa in your studio. Happy Birthday to Nala!