Friday, June 26, 2009

KC Willis Studio Retreats

If you have followed the art of Lipstick Ranch throughout the years, you are in for a treat! Besides the online classes she is now offering, KC Willis now offers retreats in her new studio at her home in Longmont colorado-
Check out the website for info regarding a retreat in this gorgeous setting!
If you aren't familiar with her work, check out Lipstick Ranch to see what you've been missing. I've admired her layering of vintage fabrics, cowgirls and doo-dads for years~ and recently got to take her online class-and am about to start the second one~a treat for sure!

Visit KC Willis Studio Retreats

Friday, June 19, 2009

What in the WORLD was I thinking?...

Want to re-do the art room. It is torn up and boxed up and a huge mess~I really need to purge some of this stuff...
these are my new shoelaces-a birthday gift from a friend-Ramones shoelaces....woohoo!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a Pain!

Blogger changed over to google and i had to go through hoops to get signed in again...
will update later on today-just finished some yard work and off to meet the old work friends for lunch...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Wed night some nasty thunderstorms blew in-and blew out our power-the tornado sirens were going off-the winds were nasty-nathan,myself and the dogs spent a bit of time in the hall closet-we ended up without power for 30 hrs. The first night it was raining all night/all morning so there was a cool breeze coming in. The next night-i stayed at my parents' house. :) Power's back on, fridge/freezers are cleaned out. I've begun the slow process of re-stocking..thank goodness insurance will help with that :)
so, needless to say i am very behind with projects i intended to do this week.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Last Comments on Vegas

While reading some reviews online of our hotel-probably good that i didn't see them ahead of time! One person whined about how dark it was-all the art and mirrors creeped them out and it wasn't on the strip.-well duh, didn't you look at the info online when you booked it-or the fact that it WASN'T on the strip. they complained about the slow draining tubs-yes they were-but that and the fact that we didn't get our bathroom "serviced" w/new towels got us a $50 gift card that we gladly spent in the bar-the dark bar w/mirrors all over... the BEST part of it all-that i didn't know about until we were home-is the fact that alot of the strippers that fly in to work the nearby clubs on the wkends-stay here. Gosh-missed that fact-although there is a good chance the woman we saw in the elevator fri afternoon was one of them...

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vegas/Red Rock Canyon

On friday we went out to Red Rock Canyon. It's really beautiful out there. The red is from iron being in the rock and oxidizing-it only takes a small amt, but don't remember what it was. There were alot of areas you could hike-we walked around quite a bit, but were not prepared for hiking. If i ever go back, would like to do that. The top pictures shows an area that is white at the bottom-that is a wash-we walked down it a bit too-. There were clouds out so it wasn't terribly hot that day-it rained late afternoon-after we were gone so i wondered if any of the washes filled up-there was no rain in the city where we were, but it looked like it rained all around. Would have liked to see the rain come down there. I took more pictures-but won't post them all-who wants to sit through "vacation photos?" If you're ever in vegas, it's worth the short drive to see-$5 well spent. Back in the 90's we went out to Valley of Fire that is about an hour away-it too is well worth the drive. Got to see real live petroglyphs there.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A bit of Art for Good Measure!

Thought i would throw in some art i finished before we went out of town. I'm taking an online class with KC Willis as i've mentioned a few times. Loving the technique-and her style. It's been fun and got my creative juices running again. She is about to host 3 more classes that are sure to be great too. I'm taking another one for sure! You can check them out on her site under workshops.

Monday, June 01, 2009

The Trip

I won't post alot of pictures of Vegas-too many of those online/tv etc... so i'll post what you haven't seen. The Artisan Hotel was very cool. Off the beaten path-quiet (until fri night) It's got an art deco feel on the outside-you pull up to these doors (and valet only parking)
The pool area was lovely-but i never made use of it.
The inside was dark, but very neat. Black floors, walls and ceilings. There are paintings, sculptures and mirrors everywhere-even the ceiling! Chandeliers and crystal light fixtures abound. Each room is done in an artist theme. We had the Andy Warhol room. This was the hallway from our room tto the elevator-the elevator doors were all painted red~as i said, a very neat place-unique. The pictures really don't capture the feeling. If you ever go to Vegas and want something different-this is the place!

Home Again

We are back-saw the town-at least as much of it as i wanted to-saw my good friend who moved from here 8 yrs ago-she works for the govt-and "undercover" for her position. so i'm not mentioning her name-but it was good to see her and the family! Stupid me-and her, forgot to take any pictures-duh. blonde. Went to Red Rock Canyon on fri-it is beautiful. Should have spent more time there. Grand Canyon on the way home-even saw Elk by the side of the road grazing-i think the pictures turned out blurry though-time to go upload and will post more when i am caught up around the house.
Will post more KC Willis class photo's too~