Monday, June 01, 2009

The Trip

I won't post alot of pictures of Vegas-too many of those online/tv etc... so i'll post what you haven't seen. The Artisan Hotel was very cool. Off the beaten path-quiet (until fri night) It's got an art deco feel on the outside-you pull up to these doors (and valet only parking)
The pool area was lovely-but i never made use of it.
The inside was dark, but very neat. Black floors, walls and ceilings. There are paintings, sculptures and mirrors everywhere-even the ceiling! Chandeliers and crystal light fixtures abound. Each room is done in an artist theme. We had the Andy Warhol room. This was the hallway from our room tto the elevator-the elevator doors were all painted red~as i said, a very neat place-unique. The pictures really don't capture the feeling. If you ever go to Vegas and want something different-this is the place!

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Traci said...

looks like an awesome place to stay - I checked it out on the web and it looks really cool!