Monday, June 08, 2009

Last Comments on Vegas

While reading some reviews online of our hotel-probably good that i didn't see them ahead of time! One person whined about how dark it was-all the art and mirrors creeped them out and it wasn't on the strip.-well duh, didn't you look at the info online when you booked it-or the fact that it WASN'T on the strip. they complained about the slow draining tubs-yes they were-but that and the fact that we didn't get our bathroom "serviced" w/new towels got us a $50 gift card that we gladly spent in the bar-the dark bar w/mirrors all over... the BEST part of it all-that i didn't know about until we were home-is the fact that alot of the strippers that fly in to work the nearby clubs on the wkends-stay here. Gosh-missed that fact-although there is a good chance the woman we saw in the elevator fri afternoon was one of them...

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