Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vegas/Red Rock Canyon

On friday we went out to Red Rock Canyon. It's really beautiful out there. The red is from iron being in the rock and oxidizing-it only takes a small amt, but don't remember what it was. There were alot of areas you could hike-we walked around quite a bit, but were not prepared for hiking. If i ever go back, would like to do that. The top pictures shows an area that is white at the bottom-that is a wash-we walked down it a bit too-. There were clouds out so it wasn't terribly hot that day-it rained late afternoon-after we were gone so i wondered if any of the washes filled up-there was no rain in the city where we were, but it looked like it rained all around. Would have liked to see the rain come down there. I took more pictures-but won't post them all-who wants to sit through "vacation photos?" If you're ever in vegas, it's worth the short drive to see-$5 well spent. Back in the 90's we went out to Valley of Fire that is about an hour away-it too is well worth the drive. Got to see real live petroglyphs there.

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