Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Tried to post yesterday, but had problems, so i'm a day late.
here are a few pictures from our celebration-Went to mom's Christmas Eve for
dinner and gifts. Will post addison's picture when i figure how to get rid of the red eyes!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Today's Faux Pas

Gary drove me to walmart-i had been their earlier and when i got home a bag of canned
goods were missing. He dropped me off front so i could just go it. I got my business taken
care of and came outside to leave. I walked up to the car-yanked on the door and looked in the window since it was locked-THAT was when i saw some stranager pointing across the way to MY car...
yes, i felt stupid all right. Can't imagine what that other guy thought...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Houston Bound

On mon Dec 10 Gary and I headed to Houston. He had some "mystery shopping" to do-and I wanted to visit Texas Art. It was foggy on the way down-cold here but when we got into houston, it was warm. I killed time while he did his shopping-we went to check into the Bates Motel. I mean Baymont. Rm 128-this room had no power on one side-which meant no lights in the bathroom so we called the office and they were sending maintenance. We left to go eat at Auntie Chang's chinese. love the lemon chicken! Did some running around and when we got back to hotel at 10 pm-no one had fixed the room. We were then moved to room 228. Got all our stuff in when we heard it. Chirp. 30 sec later, chirp. the smoke detector was going off (usually due to low battery) We then got room 229. I noticed not much hot water when i washed my face, but was too tired to care. I did have to get a picture of this "sign" on the bathroom wall-if only they had one of these when i was in Cleveland!

Then came morning. Gary took his shower-the one that started lukewarm and got colder. I didn't bother. (gross i know.) I spent about 2 hrs at Tx Art. love that store. picked up some things i'll take to artfest~and some things to play with when i do art again~ he did his shopping, i killed time and got a few Christmas presents too-We rode the shortest ferry i've ever been on and went to see(long enought to take a picture) the battleship Texas then the San Jacinto monument. We almost got locked in the park area as it was closing time. We ate dinner in the Woodlands and headed home-got in after midnight and had to be up for work around 5am...i was very braindead on wed

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy December

no picture to post today, but thought i would at least change the colors on here to look
a bit Christmas-y. Can't seem to get into the mood this yr, but when we get the tree up,
will post a few pictures~