Transfer Art Project

Here are Jeanne's samples for Nov. meeting.  If you scroll down, you will find instructions on doing your transfer along w/pictures (how-to) for those that want a visual.

Here are images for those who need a visual for November's project.

 this is a sheet of color copies of vintage photo's.  you see the different tones you get which is why you don't want a black and white. (but then it's your project and you can do as you wish) :)

 this is a sample of color copy and B & W of the same image.  the color copy you will transfer.
the b & w you will use to trace onto your substrate (cradled wood/canvas/paper/wood etc) you will use carbon paper to trace areas that  you want to paint
 on the left is a vintage image that i glued onto a page of vintage book.  On the right is the transfer

Lay your image on laminating sheet to see where you need to cut

 underneath the paper, you see the clear laminating sheet. Place your image face down on the sticky side of sheet (i've peeled the backing off and it's sitting under the sheet so you can see both) and burnish lightly to adhere.  i have place picture crooked and been able to peel it off and reposition-check before you burnish in case you need to do this.
 Here is the front of the image.  The laminating sheet is now adhered and next you will burnish.

Here i'm burnishing-i used popsicle style stick here.  I usually use a burnisher but sometimes it leaves a lot of  "lines" so i'm trying this. could use a spoon too.

here is a sample of peeled transfer and the b & w copy that i will use to trace my area's for painting.

after waiting at least 24 hours (hardest part) you can wet the back of your image and start to remove the paper with your finger.

I found it easiest to start in a corner to get the paper peeling.  After you do an initial rub, let it dry a bit and see what still needs to be removed and go from there.
This is a photocopy of pharmacy label.

It actually peeled off in two swipes

here is a vintage book page that i did with the laminating sheet.  it removes all paper and leaves you with text that you can layer over something-just an idea.

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