Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book Progress

My book project is coming along-it has been a rainy day here in Texas so i've spent most of it indoors
working on my book.  I was going to call it "secrets" but I think I am going to change it to "Murder."
I have a story concocted in my head about 3 women who are each found murdered on different days
but it turns out the murders are related.  It revolves around a nightclub (fictional) where gangsters of the 30's are known to hang out.  The book will contain mostly notes from the detective involved in the investigation and evidence collected. 
OK-so that is what it is like in my head-whether or not it turns out on paper is another story.
Here are some more peaks...
one of the first pages

edges of a few pages

Here are the pages laying out-the picture below is of the other side of the paper-fronts and backs were each painted differently  

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Leslie said...

Interesting project!