Friday, September 14, 2012

Sunday Was Productive

Last sunday found me full of creative energy and plenty of time so I spent most of the day in my art room.

 I started several journal pages as seen below. I don't have any set method for working in my journal. Sometimes I paint and collage so it's ready, sometimes I do it all in one sitting, paint, collage, write. Sometimes i just paint and write.

halloween colors-getting in that "mood"

This was leftover paint from a page done for a book-could be halloween-ish too :)
 These next four pictures are papers I am creating to use in a book.  I have a book in mind that I hope to make but it needed just the right look.  I watched my newly acquired Seth Apter video friday night and it was all the inspiration I needed to start these pagesl
They have so much more texture and color in person.  Here it is friday again-after a busy week I am about to reward myself with more painting~

Nala and Riley laying head to head in my art room-they're happy just to be in the same room with me.

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