Saturday, September 08, 2012

On My Table

I had planned to work on "something" artsy today, but when i looked at my table and everything on it, the
 mood kind of died.  So I will show you what is currently on my table-tools, unfinished projects (out the wazoo) and what not.     
journal page-even though the halloween bug is starting to "itch" wanted to do this bright colored spread

4 "starters"  not sure what i will do with these yet.

 stack of unfinished pieces.  I love the process of slapping down paint, paper and whatever else to make my backgrounds but I don't always know what i'll do with them after that.

 Here is a close up of the stack above-wide variety of colors/textures.
the WHOLE pile (piles)
 Here you can see a small part of my table and a bunch of "stuff"
This is a tiny piece that is actually finished.  It will probably be abandoned for the "art abandonment" project.

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