Friday, April 17, 2009

Main St Art Festival (Ft Worth)

This is my favorite art festival in the area. Gary and i headed out to see what was new this year. This guy had some cool paintings. Look at Chaos-the colors are sumptious- love the look in the eyes of his subjects-each painting has a story AND he donates a % to Good Dog Mountain for the rescue of death row shelter dogs!
John Petrey does a great job of recyling-to make the coolest dresses. (non-wearable)
Katherine Allen Coleman-these are sooo much more impressive in person-they're dimentions don't show up on the photo's-nor can you see they are in deep frames and the dresses are real-painted over and embroidered/embellished. wonderful stuff~this guy was new this yr-Kevin Eslinger had some unusual paintings-i bought a print from him. Originally from st louis-my 2nd home (i like to think)
This next artist does things in "series" and his new works are postcards. they cover the substrate then art on top of it-very neat to see in person. Darron Chadwick is his name.
I plan to go back sat night to hear Jimmie Vaughan play-he was there about 10 yrs ago and we only got to see some of it-this time i'll be there for it all! There was a group there today-Wild Okra-they were pretty good.
As for the little cake-tradition. Gary & I stop at Corner Bakery every year for dessert~banana bundt cake is my usual choice!

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