Sunday, June 03, 2007

Life the past Week

Got word from the vet that Nala is fine-no cancer! yea. I knew she was fine. (now it's just confirmed) Another birthday came and went. 44. only a number to me. It was probably my least favorite birthday in my entire life. My depression was really bad-starting fri morning. I know when a few things change here, i'll get better. A few wks ago when i thought things were looking up-and the dr said..."keep taking the meds" i thought he was being silly-instead, he must have, i keep popping my 'happy pills' and go on. My goal this past week was to get the house cleaned since it's well past time to do so-i'm getting there, then i tackle the art room. THEN maybe i can make art.
My cousin's boyfriends' band Gentleman Auction House is playing in dallas this week! at the Cavern on lower Greenville. will either see them there or in Austin the following night since we may be out of town. how cool is that? i know a band member-sorta. more later~off to clean (i know, how exciting) :)

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zoom said...

I just thought I'd stop by and leave you a comment since you said you don't get many. Depression's a bitch, hang in there and keep taking the meds - they're working. Most of my depressed friends and family members say they can't bring themselves to clean their homes, so good for you for making the effort. (I'm not depressed and it's still a monumental effort to do housework.) Take care.