Saturday, June 30, 2007

Road Trip to Missouri

Sunday i toyed w/the idea of going to missouri to see grandparents. My aunt and parents were there, and gramp was turning 90! mon, last minute threw some stuff together and off i went. Ran into rain in OK and by the time i got to the mountain road in Arkansas, it was just cloudy.

Here is one of the winding curves...but i had the windows down and the music cranked and it was wonderful-a mere 78 degrees.

Tues morning it was nice enough to sit out on the deck-gram enjoyed the fresh air too. Here is the view they have seen every day for 24 yrs now. What a retirement~ Mon and i went into town (branson) and went to the antique mall. I managed to find a few things while there. We had BBQ for grandpa's bday dinner-got him a sugar free pie and we

had mini-cupcakes. We heard some interesting stories about his growing up-his fave bday being his 16th when he could drive legally.

I got a call from gary that evening-remember he is in vegas-turns out he had a bad feeling and decided to come home for now-only he made a detour to grams-he was a mile away-so he got to come visit too and be there for the bday. He and i went to town on wed and went through the Titanic exhibit-it was really interesting and they have actual artifacts from the ship.He headed home tonight, but i stayed until thurs morn as did my parents. Here is a photo of grandpa, dad, gary and my gram. You would never think he is 90! I'm not posting the picture w/me in it because a)not photogenic and b)it's my blog and i can do that!

Here is the bridge out of town... and me driving through the mountains. Hard to photograph yourself while driving...:) and finally i'll post my goodies-found a few things in berryville arkansas and eureka springs...


Traci said...
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Traci said...

Looks like you did good at the antiquey stores. You're gramps and grams look so young. Must be the life they lead - laid back and relaxing. Wonderful view they have to see; we can all wish for something like that when we come into our retirement.