Thursday, June 07, 2007


It's official, Gary and I are now groupies. Tues night we went to see "Gentleman Auction House" playing at The Cavern. I introduced myself to Eric (founder, writer, singer, musician) since he knows my family in st louis. He thanked us for coming out to see them. (stupid me forgot my camera) They were GREAT! loved the music. Wed, we got up to go to Austin as we had discussed last week-just so happened that they were playing again in Austin wed night. We went to "Mohawk" downtown (i think we were the oldest ones there) and saw them again. They were sitting at the bar and saw us walk in (surprise!) really enjoyed them the 2nd time around-and promised them we were NOT stalking and really, we won't be in Tucson Az to see them thurs :)
Hope they come out with another CD cause i'm hooked. Can't get their songs out of my mind.

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annie lockhart said...

hey, just found your blog from my views page...are you from texas? i live just outside of kansas city now...but, was raised near houston. my sister is in austin, and another that is dating a guy from bastrop. i love the music in austin, and was wondering if this band is from here/mo. or from that area/tx.? i'll go check them out. i keep thinking i will add a texas music typelist to my blog. there is so much great music there that so many people have never heard of here. anyway, good to find you...drop me a line sometime.