Monday, April 17, 2006


Gary and i went to Panera for sm breakfast~then did stuff around the house before time
to go to mom's. Mom, dad, us, suzanne, ty, travis, patrick and "dwayne" joe were all there for
lunch. we held off on the egg hunt until keith and sandra could arrive (they were at her mom's)
by that time, dad had left for Indianapolis for work~yep-more storms.
anyway, DW just watched while the "Moody" kids and spouses battled it out for the money eggs.
Gary, still rusty from just sitting at work all day, only found 3 eggs-too slow. but $7+ was to be had. I found 11 for $9.21. won't mention what the others got, but it was more than our haul...
will post a picture as soon as i can figure out how to get it on here. duh, not too comp. savvy yet. at least not w/this stuff~

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