Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Art Room and other

Been working in the art room-this is the 'before'. don't worry, it looks MUCH better than this now. put in alot of hrs getting it ready for a guest next wkend.
We took Nala to the lake yesterday-she has never been around water like that and wanted to
see how she liked it. She liked wading and would have swam off if we had let her. Next time we
will bring a long rope to let her try.
Waiting to see if it rains. It was sprinkling when we took nala for her walk tonight.

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Linda said...

Hello from beautiful Missouri. I enjoyed hearing about your Texas adult hunt. We have a Missouri version we have been doing for years. After the kids have found their eggs, we have them hide the adult eggs. Inside the adult eggs, we have lottery tickets. We all bring a couple, then hide them all and we all get to find two. We slow old folks have a tough time because the young, spry chicks grab the easy ones leaving more difficult ones for last. Yesterday, (Wednesday) Ralph stopped for gas and when he opened his tank, he found an egg! He won $2.00!!!! That was the big winner of the day but it was found three days later......People at the gas station must have had a laugh to see him pull an egg out of his tank. Nice weather here. Heard you all have been sweltering but that's just Texas, right? Waiting for POTC2, Linda.....