Thursday, April 27, 2006

Day Three on the road

We were heading home today, but decided to stop in Alice and Orange Grove. I went to 1/2 of 7th grade in OG-and 7-1st semester of 9th in Alice. Have happy memories of the town. Gary wanted to see where i lived back then. What a nostalgic blast from the past. Alice has changed-but not nearly as fast as a big city. They are just now getting a Chili's-the only big place other than pizza hut. The space where my mom managed World of Fabrics is now a rental place. There is now a 4-theater movie theater at the edge of town-when i was there we had Rialto downtown and a 2 screen newer place-We drove out to Lake Alice, our old house, the jr high and middle school-the church, and the airport where my dad worked. My old street seemed so much shorter than i remember. The house is the same white brick w/brown trim, but the big tree is gone-Will save the rest for family-who this all has meaning for~we stopped in orange grove too-it has new HS and elem-but the old bldg's are still all there and used. our old street is paved-and the mobile homes that were there are gone and houses built where we lived. Rest of day was spent driving home-ate late lunch and made few stops for nala breaks. Time flew but it felt like we spent most of it driving. Time to go somewhere and just 'veg'
Gas prices were lower in the south-2.83 pictures are of spoiled nala, alice and orange grove. Oh yea, alice now has a walmart!

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