Friday, April 28, 2006

Notes from ArtFest 2006

Almost a month later, i'm finally posting notes on ArtFest. Got in on tues-met up w/joan-and hit a few favorite stores. Daniel Smith ( paper zone, archie mcphee, 1/2 price books-food-(Halibut). Wed we got up and packed up cars and headed to the ferry. Got to Port Townsend and walked around town after eating. Went to the fort around 3:30 to check in...
Got to my room after getting my key and packet. This is what i opened the door to..

yes-this was the view out my dorm window-fabulous! on sat it was so clear i could see land across the way i've never seen before. My classes this yr were 1)Albie Smith (book) Jane Wynn-shrine/box and Anahata Katkin. (

Here is a picture of the book i did in Albie's class. we made color gesso color washed pages/paste images over that. My friend Jill was in there with me~

Fri was the jane wynn class. LOVED it. We measured, cut (power tools-yea) nailed, painted, patina'ed our own boxes. I loved the whole process. Since i didn't know i was going to AF this yr-it was really last minute, i didn't have a "special thing" to enshrine, so i improvised. will post a picture of what i did as soon as my stinking patina's that i ordered APR 6th arrive-they assure me they are now on the way...anyway, have already built (started) 2 more boxes since i've been home. This has so many possibilities-maybe i'll find a niche for now!
Day 3-this was more a "process/thinking" class. we went to the beach-others built shrines on the beach that had meaning-i gathered cool stuff to use in boxes like i made in jane wynn class! all i could do was gather. I'm the one who didn't "get it" for sure. anyway, we did a piece of art based on the beach stuff. mine were eggs. will post picture later. we gessoed, walnut inked, sumi inked, drew, oil pasteled, learned to draw things out or make them recede...
anyway, not my normal kind of class, but i found fun stuff-and like my end result. Really meant alot to get to go this yr-since we did the ins work, i didn't get to do any art and felt so deprived and it was good to just go and create again. have many ideas of things to make-AFTER i finish the projects around the house that aren't done yet... and here we head back to seattle...beautiful day!

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