Thursday, April 27, 2006

Road Trip Day 2

Today we hit Denny's (excellent service-had great service everywhere down south) then headed out of town towards Corpus Christi on 35. We passed through Angleton-some of you know of this city-i see why my friend MD gets SO much done-there is NOTHING there-we even passed her road~hi mel! We got into Corpus-checked into the hotel-which DID take pets with no sneaking-she was happy not to be snuck in! We then headed to Padre Island. Gary had never been and i used to go when we lived in Alice. Nala's first visit to the ocean-she was leary, but seemed to take to it finally-
Pictures here chronicle our beach visit-The beach was quiet-only a few people there-we walked around quite awhile-back to hotel to clean up-then dinner at olive garden.
and if anyone knows how to move pictures around on blogs so they aren't all at the top-let me know!

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