Friday, April 21, 2006

Rain, Art and yard work...

here i am troweling... and over here we have the before wall-it's now white.

First we had record heat early this week (99) then thurs EARLY am (like around midnight)
we had massive rain and 77 mph winds. Woke up thurs to much cooler weather and clouds. But that didn't stop gary and i from heading out to the Ft Worth Main St Art Festival. Saw lots of cool art as usual-ran into Traci H and Carol. Had mini cakes w/them at Corner Bakery, browsed a bit with them-than after almost 4 hrs, headed back home. Since the ground was wet, it was time to get out in the yard and actually pull some weeds and monkey grass i've been putting off. only did a bit before it began to rain.

Around 9pm, i decided it would be a good time to finish layer one of joint compound in the dining room-got 1/2 wall done in 20 min. then had to sand layer of bumps off the sponges/stenciled wall. so finished around 11.

as you can see-i still don't know how to get the pictures where i want them-so for now, bear with me~

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