Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dan Eldon

For anyone who fell in love with Dan Eldon's journals in the 90's, here is a glimpse into more of his work!
Found this today while browsing art sites-there is allot more on this site to check out-

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heat Wave Energy Burst

Last sunday i had the sudden desire to start cleaning out the garage-It has needed it for over a year, but I decided last wk was "the day."  I got quite allot organized, thrown out or consolidated.  I continued the work on wed and you can actually walk through in more than one spot. :)  I also got ideas on how to use some of the rusted metal pieces I got a few years ago off a ranch.  This is all on the heals of my art room cleansing that is going on too-I figured when the mood finally hit me, i had better go for it!  
 See the piece of wood under the splintered pieces
carpet tack strips~i have a plan for all of this.  An art piece-so i am creating and recycling-Since i still have more carpet to pull, that means more tack strips-and more recycled art :)   When I make progress on the piece, i'll post some pictures.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 22 But Still not Counting :)

I think the entire US (those of us in the heat wave) are ready for it to end!  I say we need a
national day/time to all pray for rain at the same time the indians do a rain dance and maybe it will happen~
I will update pictures as soon as i find out where my cord went that goes to the comp...that conveniently disappeared~  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 14, But Who's Counting?

Yes, today is day 14 of 100+ temps. We need rain!  Some cool weather would be nice too-i'll even take 40. OK, i'll even settle for 70. But that's my limit.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Storage/30 days of Get your Art On...

Since i finished my chest of drawer makeover I decided that it could count for 7 days of the 30 days of art that Traci Bunkers is doing-killed 2 birds with one stone.  Now i have to do some other art every day to put on here. Not sure that it will be daily, but i'll try to do something~while the mood strikes.  Here is the chest- Will post a full picture when i take a better one-the one i had is blurred. Not sure if i will keep it white or if i will glaze over that-time will tell.  At least i've done something that could be called creative :)

Friday, July 08, 2011

The Slump is Over

After months of not creating, seems my "mojo" came back the past 2 wks-finally.
I've been re-doing a chest of drawers my sister didn't want. It will go in the artroom for storage.
It's being painted white-where i haven't papered it w/vintage book pages. These are some of the drawers w/out the handles on them-those may get painted too. The top and sides are also covered w/the paper. Haven't decided yet if i will glaze over the white paint to antique it, but when it's all done, i'll post a picture.

I've also done two wall pieces. The little boy in airplane and the girl holding the heart.
I really like them-and the little boy is hanging in my living room for now-but he may be a
gift for someone who has a birthday this month~haven't decided :)
I'm also taking an awesome online class: Full Tilt Boogie. I have heard great things about Mary Ann Moss in the past-her "Remains of the Day" class so knew this one had to be good too. I was right. The class was actually a gift-and i am loving it. I think it's what got my spark going again to create. Her videos are well shot, not stuffy and dry. The directions are concise, the PDF info is great-i highly recommend this class if you've thought about it. It will show you some new bookbinding stitches, great ideas for book covers and using a vintage album~ I've made my practice book-but it's packed up to be mailed off to someone special . When i get a real one made, i'll post that too~ (click on link FTB above to go to mary ann's blog and click the sidebar for class info)

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Today's Interesting Encounter

While mowing today a small SUV pulls up and i figure he needs directions. So i walk over to see what he wants and he says "oh, you're not who i thought you were-sorry." I say "no problem" and start to walk away. Then he says, "well maybe you are-do you smoke?" nope. (thinking maybe he wants to bum a cigarette. (duh) Then he says "do you know anyone who smokes? Well, Nathan does, but i'm not telling him that. "No, i don't, sorry" Then he looks at me and says "OH, NO. not drugs or anything, just weed" "Just weed." "no, can't help you" i reply (although i really could but won't) :) " Oh, ok, I just moved here from Tyler-well, i see you're working so i'll let you go." He turns around and honks as he drives off.
Not drugs-just weed. Since when did weed become legal? Did i miss something there? Did i mention he had a kid in the front seat too? About 7-9 i'm guessing, and he's out trying to score some weed. Did i also mention that he acted like he had already HAD some weed-or something-at noon. I guess he could have been an undercover cop looking for a bust, using the kid to throw you off, but somehow i seriously doubt it.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


What's so special about roosters? I saw these today and had to have the picture.
Why? you ask. Well read this and you'll see why. I picture leaving one at my brothers' front door one day...

Saturday, July 02, 2011

More Bunny Love

Few more pictures-these were taken friday night. The bunnies were pretty energetic and curious. One climbed right onto my hand-i had moved some grass away and he just kept coming.
Trying not to mess with them too much but couldn't resist the guy!
Sad note today (july3) sometimes nature just sucks-bunnies didn't make it.

The Pulse/Style File

Seth Apter's 5th edition of his online project The Pulse will begin this weekend.
The postings will begin this weekend with a bang, which I thought would be perfect for Independence Day in the USA. There will be posts on Saturday 7/2, Sunday 7/3 and Monday 7/4 to kick off the project. After that, posts will go up every Sunday. Given the number of responses I received, I expect that postings will go on until spring 2012.

My response for the question ‘How would you describe your artistic style’ will be highlighted in my blog post this Monday July 4th.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Bunny Love

(Kate and Clara)

One of the dogs found a rabbit's nest this week-He had one bunny in his mouth but put it down
when told to- we put the two bunnies he had messed with in a box until we discovered where the nest was-mama rabbit had her babies near our bedroom window. They were burrowed and hidden well, but not from the nose of a dog. We put the babies back along w/a piece of towel to try to help keep ants away. The nest is lined w/grasses and fur from the mom. These are less then 7 days as their eyes aren't open yet. The "star" shape on their foreheads will disappear by the time they leave on their own.
The nest had 5 total babies and we are monitoring their progress. Luckily they are in our "side" yard which is fenced from the rest of the backyard. We re-inforced the chain link where the dogs can burrow under so that the rabbits would be safe. The two in the pictures above sadly didn't make it. A third didn't either. Not sure why but we still have two to watch progress. Mama comes at dusk and early morning. We've seen her around the neighborhood for months-little did we know she was scoping out our yard for babies. (we ARE the safe house for animals it seems) We had to dispose of the dead babies today-didn't want maggots and ants to get to the other two. We took out some of the dirt too-don't want the smell of decay to attract predators. We are determined that these two make it-more pictures to come.

mama rabbit the nest