Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heat Wave Energy Burst

Last sunday i had the sudden desire to start cleaning out the garage-It has needed it for over a year, but I decided last wk was "the day."  I got quite allot organized, thrown out or consolidated.  I continued the work on wed and you can actually walk through in more than one spot. :)  I also got ideas on how to use some of the rusted metal pieces I got a few years ago off a ranch.  This is all on the heals of my art room cleansing that is going on too-I figured when the mood finally hit me, i had better go for it!  
 See the piece of wood under the splintered pieces
carpet tack strips~i have a plan for all of this.  An art piece-so i am creating and recycling-Since i still have more carpet to pull, that means more tack strips-and more recycled art :)   When I make progress on the piece, i'll post some pictures.

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tightly wound artist said...

I think the transformation looks great. I need some of that mojo to rub onto me, cause I have lots of that kind of thing I need to be doing. I like how your site looks with the set up and colors. My site is boring and no pictures. The new art looks good, too. I guess it is all one step at a time along with one day at a time. Keep rolling....

tightly wound artist