Friday, July 01, 2011

Bunny Love

(Kate and Clara)

One of the dogs found a rabbit's nest this week-He had one bunny in his mouth but put it down
when told to- we put the two bunnies he had messed with in a box until we discovered where the nest was-mama rabbit had her babies near our bedroom window. They were burrowed and hidden well, but not from the nose of a dog. We put the babies back along w/a piece of towel to try to help keep ants away. The nest is lined w/grasses and fur from the mom. These are less then 7 days as their eyes aren't open yet. The "star" shape on their foreheads will disappear by the time they leave on their own.
The nest had 5 total babies and we are monitoring their progress. Luckily they are in our "side" yard which is fenced from the rest of the backyard. We re-inforced the chain link where the dogs can burrow under so that the rabbits would be safe. The two in the pictures above sadly didn't make it. A third didn't either. Not sure why but we still have two to watch progress. Mama comes at dusk and early morning. We've seen her around the neighborhood for months-little did we know she was scoping out our yard for babies. (we ARE the safe house for animals it seems) We had to dispose of the dead babies today-didn't want maggots and ants to get to the other two. We took out some of the dirt too-don't want the smell of decay to attract predators. We are determined that these two make it-more pictures to come.

mama rabbit the nest

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Traci said... sad they didn't all make it. hopefully with your love and care the last two will.