Thursday, July 07, 2011

Today's Interesting Encounter

While mowing today a small SUV pulls up and i figure he needs directions. So i walk over to see what he wants and he says "oh, you're not who i thought you were-sorry." I say "no problem" and start to walk away. Then he says, "well maybe you are-do you smoke?" nope. (thinking maybe he wants to bum a cigarette. (duh) Then he says "do you know anyone who smokes? Well, Nathan does, but i'm not telling him that. "No, i don't, sorry" Then he looks at me and says "OH, NO. not drugs or anything, just weed" "Just weed." "no, can't help you" i reply (although i really could but won't) :) " Oh, ok, I just moved here from Tyler-well, i see you're working so i'll let you go." He turns around and honks as he drives off.
Not drugs-just weed. Since when did weed become legal? Did i miss something there? Did i mention he had a kid in the front seat too? About 7-9 i'm guessing, and he's out trying to score some weed. Did i also mention that he acted like he had already HAD some weed-or something-at noon. I guess he could have been an undercover cop looking for a bust, using the kid to throw you off, but somehow i seriously doubt it.

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Shannon Green said...

You should have said oh just weed? Sorry, all I have is crack.